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If you enjoy having an active lifestyle, going to the gym or yoga classes isn’t a good idea at the moment - if this is even possible, in case these places are closed.  Needless to say, running events around the world have also been cancelled.
For solo runners, however, it’s still a good time to keep active while being responsible – inside and outside home!
1. Solo Jogging
 “Solo jogs are generally fine while engaging in social distancing.”
- Dr. Maimuna Majumder (Harvard Medical School) in an article by GQ.
Infectious disease expert Joseph M. Vinetz (Yale School of Medicine) agrees: “The virus comes from people coughing and sneezing. It goes directly onto somebody else or onto a surface that people touch like door handles, guardrails or elevator buttons. But that’s not what you do when you jog.”
So, make sure you wash your hands before and after going for a jog and avoid getting close to people and objects in general. Just… run! Not bad, uh?

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2. Running Equipment

Plus, while staying home you have more time to evaluate your running equipment. In general, shipping is not being affected by the virus outbreak and e-stores are fighting the crisis with great deals. This is a great opportunity to find the perfect backpack if you want to start solo jogging or run commuting.

EXTRA TIP: The Active Essentials Kit

“We wanted to do something to help people to keep active and safe. So as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic we fast-tracked the development of a protection kit.” - Kirill Noskov, the company’s Founder and CEO. Watch this video to hear more from Kirill.

The Active Essentials Kit includes the IAMRUNBOX MINI armband, a shopping bag made of recycled plastic bottles, and the RunMask, a face mask specially designed for runners.

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3. Home Exercises

Another way to go around it all is to build up an in-door training routine. There are simple exercises that can make you stronger and can be done from the comfort of your home, helping you to prevent injuries and boost your performance. Here are some of them:

Single leg squats: use a chair to help you

Plank leg lift: all you need is your body

Bridge and Superman: again, all you need is your body!

Weighted calf rise: use a bag to add weight


Image Source: RunnersWorld 

apps for running at home

 4. Apps

Since you will probably be a bit bored during this isolation period, it’s a good time to get to know different running apps. You will find a world of possibilities, from regular training and motivation to all sorts of gamification, like:

Pacer: starting a regular running routine (available for IOS & Android)
MapMyRun: find new routes to run (available for IOS & Android)
Charity Miles: run for a cause (available for IOS & Android)
Zombies, run!: turning your run into a video game (available for IOS & Android)