We’re on a mission to decrease our collective dependence on cars to get from A to B. We want to move fast towards a world where you reinvest in your own body as the ultimate vehicle.


You’re looking at a company that is 100% climate neutral across the whole business. Not only are the backpacks made out of recycled plastic bottles - with each purchase we invest into restoration and conservation projects in Katingan, Indonesia (one of our largest remaining peatlands), Amazonian forests in Acre, Brazil and native American hardwoods in North America.


By active commuting you lower your Carbon Footprint significally! To top it off, we offer 100% climate neutral products, made from recycled and eco friendly materials. As a B Corp certified company we need to meet certain standards that ensure a sustainable business - for us, for the planet and ultimately for You.


Not every backpack is good for your back! We know that a great backpack should distribute the weight and fit the user’s back, shoulder and waist comfortably to eliminate pressure points around the upper shoulders and lower back. This is a backpack designed to give the user the best conditions for a healthy body. Now you know that too. By working closely with some of the best ultra-runners, triathletes, and Olympic athletes in the world our selection of backpacks are carefully designed to support, strengthen and inspire. We’ve got your back, always.



Follow the journey of thousands of runners globally. These are the stories of run commuters, ultra-runners, and triathletes. A sweet blend of voices from the dawn of professional running mixed with innovative ideas of the now, the beginning of a new car-skipping era.