We sell a lifestyle and a solution that works in the future. No, it’s not another t-shirt. Each year 2 billions of those are sold globally, so that’s more than enough. Our core product is a running backpack that does more than just providing ironmen with hydration bladders. Internally we call it “the new car” and the “run commuting backpack”, because it is like a vehicle, where YOU are the multiple-cylinder engine!


As of today, we are proud to say that our products are either fully or mostly made from materials that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. To hold a Climate Neutral certification, we must comply with certain commitments, and our responsibility does not stop there. We challenge ourselves every day, and do our utmost to balance sustainability values with finances. The goal is to replace every stitch on our products with recycled materials.


We built this company on the belief that we can change the world with our products and what they are designed to do. We built this company on togetherness, working as a team and using crowdfunding as a financial basis. We built this company based on ethical values, where human, animal and nature rights are crucial in everything we do. Dive deeper - read below!


Our company is subject to certain rules and regulations implemented by us and monitored by second and third party organisations, CSR commitments and company values. Find out what it means below: