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Run commuting

Run commuting is the green alternative for your daily commute!

Forget cars and public transport - run to work! This way, you are not only improving your health as well as saving time but also reducing your CO2 footprint significantly. Find everything you need to know about run commuting at!

Running with a backpack

To avoid injuries and accidents it’s recommendable to invest in high-quality running equipment. Besides running shoes and breathable sportswear, a running backpack is essential, especially for run commuters. Running with a backpack is no problem as long as the backpack can be perfectly adjusted to your body and your personal needs. If anything, the extra weight is challenging you and you are automatically improving yourself!

There is no need to worry about your laptop while run commuting!
Just make sure your running backpack has a neat laptop compartment in the right size for your laptop. The running backpack should be equipped with an advanced anti-bounce technology that prevents your laptop from moving up and down. Furthermore, a waterproof running backpack is recommendable to keep your daily essentials as well as your laptop protected from any bad weather.

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