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Run commuting - The green alternative for your commute!

Forget cars and public transport - run to work! This way, you are not only improving your health as well as saving time but also reducing your CO2 footprint significantly.

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Top rated on Red Bull

The best running backpack

Our Backpack Pro has been rated as the best run commuting backpack by Red Bull and more editorials.

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Who are we?


Kirill Noskov started running to work in order to fit daily training into his busy schedule, he found it nearly impossible to pack his office attire without it getting wrinkled and creased on the way.

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The best way to start run commuting

How do you start run commuting? Well, you just do. The glory of running is that it can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. Especially run commuting has some amazing benefits! IAMRUNBOX has some tips for you on how to go ahead with run commuting.

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Running with the Backpack Pro

We all know how to use a backpack - some of us do it every day. But it’s getting more complicated when it comes to running or cycling backpacks. All in all, using our Backpack Pro is easy. But there are some important tips that might improve your experience.

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The Run Commuting Wiki

What is run commuting? 
What are the benefits of run commuting?
Who can run commute?
How to start run commuting?

... And many more questions answered. 

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