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100% Anti-bounce - Lightweight - Weather resistant.

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Great running backpack

They have really done their homework well - this is a great running backpack!

Recommended for Run Commuting

I've been run commuting with this backpack for the last couple of months, and I really like it! As advertised, it is very stable and does not bounce up and down or rotate from side to side when the straps are tightened correctly. The hardshell case seems essentially waterproof, as my clothes inside were completely dry after running home from the office in the pouring rain for about 50 minutes. I also really like the pockets in front for my wallet, phone, and keys, as these pockets prevent me from having to fumble around in the backpack to access these items, as was the case for my old backpack.

The space inside is adequate for most of my runs. For a longer distance 11 mile run to a morning meeting out in the suburbs the other day, for example, I was able to fit a folded pair of dress pants, a collared shirt, sweater, underclothes, towel, washcloth, and folded duffel bag for dirty clothes inside, and used the shoe bag attachment to carry toiletries to use at the office building's shower and a bottle of orange juice for the run. For my typical 6 mile commute to my office building, however, I don't need to use the shoe bag attachment, but I'd recommend getting it to have the added space for longer runs, or when running to other offices where you don't have a stash of toiletries on hand.

This version of the backpack doesn't really have an attachment for a water bottle, but I understand an attachment is being added for the upcoming 2.0 version. Also, you can expect the cool IAMRUNBOX logo on the back to start rubbing off if you carry the shoe bag for a significant distance. These are minor complaints though and if you are a run commuter, I think you'll really like the backpack.

Good backpack for commute running

I was using this bagpack for commute run to the office. I probably run over 1000K with it. It is nice and durable. Only one side effect is the zipper. My started to worn out recently. Everything else is perfect. Because of the zipper, I would give it 4 starts out of 5. However it is only in it's class and serves well. So 5 stars it is!

The Best Running Backpack

Technical Features

The Backpack Pro is perfect for running or cycling to work. The compartments provide space for up to 5 garments and a laptop. It is equipped with smart-load distribution and anti-bounce technology to reduce up and down movement while running. Adjustable waist and sternum straps (with integrated whistle and extra pockets) and soft-padded back panels ensure an ergonomic carrying experience. The Backpack Pro comes with a Clothes Folder.

Unique Backpack Pro Large Features

In comparison to the Backpack Pro Small , the Backpack Pro Large offers two extra liters of volume and space for up to 5 garments. The Pro version also comes with an extra laptop compartment. Two sturdy straps keep a laptop up to 13.5’’ safe while you are running or cycling to work. The removable string attachment systems offers even more carrying solutions on the outside of the backpack for jackets, shoes or accessories. Read more about the difference between Backpack Lite and Backpack Pro here.


The hard shell case of the running backpack is made from high-quality black nylon fabric with PU coating. The interior is equipped with high-quality mesh black velvet fabric. Even running in bad weather conditions is no problem because of the water resistant YKK zip and the water resistant EVA body.

Large feature only

IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro Large has small loops around its body specifically designed to easily fasten an external attachment string. This removable system allows you to attach and hold firmly IAMRUNBOX Shoe Bag, jacket or accessories, thus keeping your hands free.

Simply pass the string crosswise through the loops starting at the bottom part of the backpack. To ensure that your belongings are firmly attached, do not forget to tighten the string at the end.

String Attachment System

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I’ve used the Backpack Pro for my run commutes for several months now, it’s a quality product both aesthetically and functionally.

- Marcus Brown

My Backpack Pro fits everything a working woman needs: computer, clothes and makeup. The straps enables you to bring an extra pair of shoes - awesome! - Åsa Törngren

Comfort, packability, aerodynamics and weight distribution is excellent. The fact that it is waterproof makes it a perfect run and bike bag for any triathlete. - Liam McEntegart

Lightweight and ergonomic, this backpack is perfect on your running trip! For me, it's perfect for storing energy and fluid on a long run! - Mikkel Kæmsgaard

If you work in an office this running rucksack is particularly handy as not only does the rucksack itself look neat but it also keeps shirts crease free. - Gill Bland