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Things to know before starting bike commuting in Stockholm

If you live in Stockholm and yet not tried commuting by cycle, then you’re surely missing a lot. It’s high time to give it a chance and enjoy your bike commuting experience in one of the most bike-friendly places in Europe.

If you are considering starting cycling on a daily basis for school, work, groceries, or just some weekend fun, then there are certain things you need to be ready in advance. From the basic rules to the perfect cycling backpack, here are the best tips to start bike commuting in Stockholm.

Cycling routes and rules in Stockholm

Nature is all around the best cycling routes in Stockholm. You will certainly get to enjoy the beautiful scenery while crossing parks and bridges in routs like Djurgården, Hagaparken, Strandvägen, and Karlavägen. Want to explore further? You should definitely join communities like Strava to get extra tips & inspiration!

When on your daily basis though, you'll probably need to go much more into the busier city areas. In that case, you should pay even more attention to the cycling rules in Sweden:

  • Lights, reflectors, brakes, and bells are mandatory for all cyclers while helmets are only mandatory if you’re 15 years old or younger.
  • Everyone must ride on the right-hand side of the street.
  • You should never ride your bike against the traffic flow and or in a pedestrian area and you can’t board your bike on public transport (check SL website).


Last but not least, in order to avoid accidents, make sure to use hand signals if you want to turn right or left, plus be aware of traffic lights - you should follow them just like the vehicles do. This is a universal rule, but always good to remember!

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Choosing the right backpack

On the whole, the choice of your backpack will have a huge impact on your cycling experience in Stockholm. The city is not that flat and you want to avoid a backpack that will bounce too much or sweat your back.

No matter if you are planning to cycle for work, groceries, or leisure; you need to pick the most ergonomic, lightweight, and weather-resistant backpack that meets all your specific requirements.


Waterproof cycling backpacks help to keep your essentials dry and protected from extreme weather conditions. The last thing you’d want cycling through the lanes of Stockholm is to carry a backpack that leaks and ruins the things you’re carrying inside.


Laptop compartment

If you’re planning on cycling your way to work or school on an everyday basis, then your backpack must also have a separate section for a laptop. This will ensure that your laptop is protected from external conditions, and will equally distribute weight on your shoulders and back.

Comfort and safety 

Comfort and safety are important factors that you must not compromise while choosing the right backpack for bike commuting. This is where backpacks with padded back panels and adjustable straps make for a perfect pick.


You must also make a point to pick a backpack that has enough hidden pockets to help keep as much extra stuff as you want, especially while travelling for a weekend getaway.

Where to find the best cycling backpacks

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