IAMRUNBOX about to launch the BIKEBOX - The Ultimate Cycling Backpack - IAMRUNBOX

IAMRUNBOX about to launch the BIKEBOX - The Ultimate Cycling Backpack


As cycling becomes the safest way of going around during COVID-19, IAMRUNBOX is launching a winning solution for urban commuters on Indiegogo.

The Swedish brand IAMRUNBOX is launching the BIKEBOX - The Ultimate Cycling Backpack on Indiegogo. 

After five successful crowdfunding campaigns focused on run commuting, and outstanding reviews including the #1 run commuting backpack by RedBull, IAMRUNBOX is now offering a functional, sustainable, motion-friendly solution for bike commuters.

The BIKEBOX is made from recycled plastic bottles and toxin-free materials. It’s also waterproof and versatile. A modular system allows the cyclist to turn the backpack into a pannier carrier and handlebar bag. The customization also applies to the internal packing system that can be chosen according to the customer’s needs.

Focus on the customer

IAMRUNBOX’s CEO Kirill Noskov explains that the BIKEBOX was developed from the customer’s needs. 

“We always listen to our customers really close. The BIKEBOX is a combination of the most wanted products voted by our returning customers in our last audience survey. It is also a result of cycling as a fast-growing market trend as people’s behavior shifted to a healthy and safe way of going around because of COVID-19.” - IAMRUNBOX’s CEO Kirill Noskov. 

Earlier this year IAMRUNBOX launched the Active Essentials Kit, including a face mask (the RunMask), a practical bag (the Recycled Shopping Bag), and an improved runner’s wallet (the IAMRUNBOX Mini). 


We design backpacks and accessories that are motion-friendly, minimal, and sustainable. Our mission is to make it simple and easy for active people to fit sport in their busy lives. Our vision is to create products that promote an active and healthy lifestyle with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

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Kirill Noskov, IAMRUNBOX Founder & CEO: +46 735000276 | kirill.noskov@iamrunbox.com

Natália Faria, IAMRUNBOX Marketing & Communications: +46 739695047 | natalia.faria@iamrunbox.com