How to Keep Your Shirts Wrinkle Free on Your Commute to Work

Wrinkle-free shirts are not a problem at all!

No matter how good you are at folding clothes and packing your suitcase, keeping an ironed shirt wrinkle-free is impossible - almost! IAMRUNBOX has developed a solution to this problem - a garment bag to keep your business attire neat, clean, and wrinkle-free.

This shirt carrier is specifically designed for business travelers and sports enthusiasts and was made for the sole purpose of folding clothes and packing them wrinkle-free. It even comes with a handy clothes folder that shows you how to fold your shirts for the best results. However, there are other things you can do to prevent those dreaded creases and it all starts with some careful planning at home.

Which shirts are easiest to keep wrinkle free?

There’s no doubt about it, some materials travel better than others. While shirts made from 100% Egyptian Cotton look fabulous when freshly ironed, they can look like a crumpled mess after a few hours in your bag.

If you are business traveling and need to look your very best when you arrive, it is recommended that you invest in a selection of quality shirts made from a blend of cotton and other non-wrinkle fabrics such as polyester and Tencel (Lyocell).

Washing and ironing your shirts will also play an important role in how they look when they arrive. If you prefer to wash your shirts yourself, try to keep creases to a minimum. Iron your shirts with starch while they are still ever so slightly damp before hanging up to the air.

Folding your shirts so they stay wrinkle-free

The way in which you fold your clothes will have a huge impact on how they look at the end of your journey. We recommended using a clothes folder (such as the Folding Assistant which is included in our garment bag) to achieve the best results. Here are some simple steps:
  1. Place the shirt button side down on a flat surface.
  2. Position the A4 size folding card behind the collar.
  3. Fold the shoulders and sleeves backward and align down the center of the folding card, smoothing out the fabric as you go.
  4. Take the shirt hem and fold it upwards to the base of the folding card.
  5. Fold the hem over again so that you have created a neat A4 size package.
  6. Finally, slip the folding card out of the top and pack it into your commuter shirt carrier.
A garment bag is also a must-have travel accessory for your business trips. Check out our top 4 packing tips for a smooth travel!