The must-have travel accessories

Never Travel Without This Travel Accessory

Our travel tip: Use the right travel accessory  

Travel trends change all the time, but if there is one travel accessory that never dates or goes out of style, it would have to be a high-quality travel bag or a lightweight garment bag.

Designed to make our journeys smoother, faster and altogether more enjoyable, a well-designed travel bag can make a huge difference to a short trip. If you want to avoid long check-in queues and endless security controls, you should choose traveling with hand luggage. But you need to pack smart and light.

It is worth investing in the latest travel accessories to make sure your journey is smooth and successful. Next to other must-have travel gadgets, the right travel bag is essential.


Our #1 travel accessory: Large travel bag

Packing light sounds good in theory, but it’s not always practical. If you are heading straight to a business meeting from the plane or train, you probably  need more than just your briefcase. That’s why it is worth investing in a purpose-built and lightweight travel bag such as the IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro.

A high-quality, weather-resistant backpack for sports enthusiasts and business travellers, the IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro is specifically designed to keep clothes wrinkle-free and in pristine condition while you are on the move. Equipped with a laptop compartment and a place to attach an external shoe bag, it is a perfect travel bag for short trips.


Our #2 travel accessory: Small travel bag

If you don’t need to bring a lot, the IAMRUNBOX Shirt and Garment Bag could be the perfect travel accessory for you. Lightweight yet sturdy in design, they are large enough to hold any shirt/trouser or blouse/skirt combination and have plenty of space for accessories. Ideal for business travel and weekend trips that require formal attire, these innovative travel bags, and shirt carriers guarantee wrinkle-free clothing. You can travel in comfort, knowing that you’ll arrive in style.

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Traveling doesn’t need to be stressful, and with IAMRUNBOX modern travel accessories, you can be confident that your next trip will be a whole lot easier.