Cycle to work

Why You Should Cycle to Work

Cycling to work pays off!

Fitting in training around busy work and family schedules is a challenge that many professionals need to face. In fact, in a survey from the European Commission, it was revealed that one in 10 Europeans are seated for eight and a half hours a day, and 42% say they are unable to train due to lack of time.

Sporty professionals set high standards in all areas of their life. They know they need to manage their time wisely to make the most out of every day. Incorporating exercise into a daily routine is easy when you use it as a mode of transportation. By cycling to work or school you can ‘train during transit’ and maintain an active lifestyle without sacrificing valuable work time and family time.

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Garment bags are perfect for carrying your belongings safely in your bike commute.

The benefits of cycling to work

As run commuting, cycling to work has a big variety of advantages. It is a form of urban mobility that is good for the environment, the mind, the body, and the bank balance.

You are not restricted to bus or train timetables. You never have to worry about traffic jams, rail strikes, delays, or road works. Furthermore, you can save money on parking, petrol and public transport, and best of all, you are doing your bit for the environment. If you are interested in the advantages or cycling or running, read more here.

Don’t forget about the health benefits

Biking to work has a positive impact on your health such as weight loss, improved fitness levels, and a positive mental attitude. This can lead to better performance, job satisfaction, and a happier you.


Which cycling equipment is recommended?

Cycling to work takes careful planning to arrive on time and are ready for the day ahead. Let’s start with high-quality cycling equipment. Make sure you have a high-quality commuter bike that meets the safety requirements. Wear comfortable cycling clothes and don’t forget helmets and other accessories for safety. Also a good backpack is needed to protect your daily essentials on the go! There are some very good options for active commuters

The IAMRUNBOX cycling backpack - Backpack Pro - is ergonomic and doesn’t bounce. Designed to help you transport your clothes wrinkle-free from A to B, these innovative travel bags make cycle commuting a whole lot easier. Red Bull, Coach Mag, and Core77 are already convinced.


Get your own IAMRUNBOX Garment bag

Where to keep my business attire while cycling to work?

The day before your daily commute you should think about what to wear at work. If you want to look your best when you arrive we recommend using a garment bag or a backpack designed to keep your shirts wrinkle-free when you are on the go. The IAMRUNBOX garment bag is available in two sizes. The lightweight boxes will easily fit into your bike bag. The hard-shell case protects your belonging. Find more tips here. By the way, this garment bag is also an essential travel accessory for your next business trip!

All you need to get started now is a nice commuter bike and the determination to make a difference. The path to a healthier you starts right here. No excuses, no explanations…just ride!