Our Story

IAMRUNBOX was born when our CEO Kirill Noskov made a simple change in his life. He set the alarm to wake up a bit earlier and started running to work in order to fit sports into his busy life.

As Kirill embraced an active lifestyle, he soon realised that there was a lack of products designed for people on the go. He then set out to create solutions inspired by the Swedish design and care for nature. And that’s how IAMRUNBOX was born.

Today, IAMRUNBOX offers functional, sustainable, motion-friendly backpacks and accessories for active people from all over the world.


We design backpacks and accessories that are motion-friendly, functional, and sustainable. Our mission is to make it simple and easy for active people to fit sport in their busy lives. Our vision is to create products that promote an active and healthy lifestyle with the lowest carbon footprint possible.


We stay true to our motto MADE FOR MOTION. Our products are perfectly designed to make it easy for people to be active.


It’s simple. Just the world’s most comfortable and functional backpacks and accessories for active people on the go.


We believe in and promote sustainable ways of production and consumption. Our products are planet-friendly and made to last.


We strongly believe in a future where everything is is produced will have a longer and more sustainable life cycle.