Life is made up of a thousand small moments in time. The only difference between a moment and a story is the act of sharing. 
June 4, 2022

RUN YOUR LIFE - 001 Rune Larsson

MEET RUNE LARSSON The father of Swedish ultra running? A living legend? A supernatural force? If you didn’t know about him until now, we bet you will after diving deeper into the kaleidoscopic world of Rune. Let yourself be inspired.
MAY 27, 2022

How to recover
a 270 day marathon

Depression, injuries, incontinence, overwhelming superhero powers and joy. 4 running mothers share their best tips on pregnancy recovery and how to deal with challenges. This is a good 7 minute read for everyone that once was born.
April 29, 2022


Do you also crave for some excitement in your everyday situation? What if we told you there’s a way to get high without smoking weed? All you gotta do is run for fun!
April 22, 2022


Everyone on Earth has a natural rhythm. Daytime is when we are supposed to be awake and nighttime is when we are supposed to sleep. But some may not have the privilege to go with that flow and there are always exceptions and variations.
April 14, 2022


Remember your childhood? Running that just happened. Naturally, like it does for all kids. There’s no feeling of disgust. Just pure joy. Rain or snow or sunlight doesn’t matter. You go for it. One foot in front of the other.
April 8, 2022


While writing this there’s nothing but rain, rain, rain outside the window. The few people that dared to hit the streets are crouching under umbrellas. Wrapped in a stressful and erratic energy field, they run on their toes and look like injured wild animals…
March 22, 2022


“There’s no political agenda in my commitment, only compassion. I might not agree with everyone in the world, but there’s a soul in every human being on planet Earth…