Run a thriving business, keep a loving family together and be one of the best ultra runners in the world? Let us introduce this terrific trooper, Mr Steene. He will for sure light a spark within, that might just be the piece in the puzzle you need.


Run your life portraits put focus on the contrasting achievements and peculiar performances of characters that are as controversial as astonishing. Who are they? Why are they? And what is the story behind?


In our opinion, Johan Steene is the perfect textbook case on how to find your inner runner. He went from 3km slow jogs at the age of 35 to setting a World Record in one of the most mythical and merciless ultra races in the world. How is this even possible and what is the golden key?

Psychology is key. To find the trails in your head that can take you wherever you want to go. The ability to climb mental mountains when the normative behavior points in the opposite direction. Willpower and patience - that’s Johan Steene. Eyes on the target and one step at a time.
He was born in Upplands Väsby, Sweden, in 1973. Did a bit of sports, did some bungee jumping and such all over the world ;) before settling down with 5 years of Mechanical Engineering studies. The side effects of a sedentary student lifestyle in combination with the devouring of Born to Run led to an awakening like no other. A fresh shot of curiosity to find his physical limitations and a spoonful of passion to outsmart chimeras.


The sport, spirit and science of endurance running bit him like a bug, and the rest is history. Johan Steene runs his life and it works like a dream. When he’s not run commuting between A) wife and kids and B) office (being CEO of a big company) he’s busy performing incredible results at ultra distance races like Spartathlon, Bislett 24h Challenge, Lappland Ultra 100k, etc etc. And of course the triumph at Big Backyard Ultra: “It’s the strongest mind that wins” said Gary “Lazarus Lake” Cantrell who’s organizing the race. And Johan did - after 68 hours of running!

Now, we haven’t even mentioned September 28, 1994. Ms Estonia. The cruise ship that sank in the Baltic Sea, bringing 852 people to the depths of death. One of the worst maritime disasters in modern time - an unforeseen tragedy that shocked the world to its bones. The dark night, terrible weather and huge waves made it nearly impossible to carry out rescue operations. One of the helicopters had a 21 year old Service Rescue Swimmer on board. He physically picked up bodies from the water and experienced life and death in one of the most dramatic ways. His name was Johan Steene and we tend to believe that this event made him humble towards life.

So what do you do when you hit rock bottom? You stay or you start climbing. Overcoming resistance makes you stronger and the ability to strive can fuel any dream.