Spin Bag 18L vs. Spin Bag 30L

Spin Bag 18L vs. Spin Bag 30L - What Is The Best Option For You?

Size matters. Spin Bag 18l vs. 30l - What is the right size for you?

The Spin Bag is the only everyday backpack you need. Besides the choice of colours also the decision for the right size can be hard. Read on to learn more about the similarities and differences and find out what is the best version for you.

Spin Bag 18l vs. 30l: the similarities

When it comes to the Spin Bag you can decide between 18 and 30 liters of volume. Thanks to the roll-top closure and the different ways of closing the backpack you can even extend the volume by up to 5 liters, depending on how much you need to carry.

Both sizes are great for your everyday life and to combine daily exercise with your stressful business schedule.

Furthermore, they both have interior pockets for more organization and a reflective and removable string attachment system like the Backpack Pro to add jackets, sweaters, or other accessories to the outside of the backpack.

They both are at least weather resistant and come with removable waist and sternum straps.

The padded straps in combination with the back panel ensure an ergonomic carrying experience. This appears easy at first sight but let’s get into more details.





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Spin Bag 18l vs. 30l: the differences

Size and measurements

The difference in volume results of course in differences when it comes to height and width as well as the weight of the Spin Bag. For a detailed comparison check the table below.

Spin Bag 18L

Spin Bag 30L


400 mm

530 mm


290 mm

320 mm


150 mm

150 mm


700 g

1100 g


18 L

30 L


Multiple compartments

The Spin Bag 30L has two special features - the extra laptop compartment in the back panel and the separate ventilated bottom compartment. The laptop compartment ensures easy access to laptops up to 15’’.

In comparison, the Spin Bag 18L only has a small hidden anti-theft pocket in the back panel to store your passport or other important things.

Additionally, the bigger version of the Spin Bag comes with a separate ventilated bottom compartment. This is ideal to store dirty clothes, wet towels, shoes or lunch boxes to keep them separate from your other daily essentials including your laptop. Because of these multiple compartments, the 30L version is a great companion for your workouts as well as your travels.

And speaking about travelling, our Garment Bags and accessories like Laundry Bag and Clothes Folder round off the perfect travel kit.


Colours and materials

Another difference is the colour selection. Whereas the Spin Bag 18L comes in white, grey, and black, the Spin Bag 30L is available in orange, grey, and black. Depending on the colour, there is also a difference in the material that is used for the backpack.

The black and grey materials are TPU Single, the orange one TPU Double Coated Polyester. The white material consists of 90% PVC and 10% Polyester. All of them have one thing in common: they look amazing!


Weather-resistant vs. waterproof

Generally speaking, the main compartment of both versions is 100% waterproof. Only the bottom compartment of the Spin Bag 30L is ventilated for breathability and therefore not waterproof. But this compartment is separated from the main compartment, so no need to worry!

Please also keep in mind that the laptop compartment of the big version is for sure water resistant but in heavy rain we still recommend putting your laptop in the waterproof inside compartment - just to be on the safe side.


Running and cycling

The Spin Bags are not specially designed as a running backpack but more as an everyday backpack for active people.

However, to be 100% sure we tested running with both versions ourselves. Our conclusion is that the Spin Bag 18L is a perfectly good cycling backpack. The ergonomic, padded, and adjustable sternum and waist straps ensure a good fit and comfortable ride.

It is not advisable to run with the Spin Bag 30L though simply because of the larger size and too much weight on your back.

For longer distances and far run commutes we recommend sticking to our original running backpack, the Backpack Pro.


Our recommendation

We know, it is a very harsh decision! Whether the Spin Bag 18L or the Spin Bag 30L is the better option for you really depends on how much stuff you need to carry.

If you only pack some daily essentials for work, the small version provides sufficient space. And in general, we would advise smaller persons to go for the 18L version to ensure the right ergonomic fit.

If you want to use the backpack as well for your travels or to combine work and daily exercise we would recommend the bigger version. The reason for it is the separate bottom compartment which makes it easy to store clothes, shoe towels, and other things separately.

The colour is of course completely up to you - we love all of them! Choose wisely!

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us!