…15 ways of making running easier and more fun.
You heard about “runner’s high”. But what if you never reached that dimension? Are you still chasing a rosy cloud, moving backwards and can’t find the motivation nor energy to even get started? Lower your expectations and follow our 15 tips on how to create a more joyful running experience.
1. Just because some people do running streaks doesn’t mean you have to. In other words - choose your own pace.

2. Vary your route and enjoy taking the scenic one although it might be longer.

3. Get some good headphones and dive into the world of podcasts, when your favorite playlist stops. Perhaps study a new language? Or listen to a book? Enjoy this free space!
4. Or simply just zoom out for a bit and enjoy the daybreak. Ok, don’t cross that road without looking for cars, but in general running requires less concentration and traffic rules.

5. Think. Clear your head and make better decisions afterwards.

6. Interact with people if you feel like it. A smile here and there doesn’t hurt anyone.
7. Enjoy the surroundings and stop to smell the flowers. At running pace you have more time to notice and enjoy what’s around you.

8. Treat yourself and invest in good equipment. A pair of good shoes is not that expensive if you compare it to monthly gym costs.

9. Get a running backpack that allows you to bring stuff, whatever that stuff might be…? A laptop to bring to the office? Swimwear, towel and a set of clothes for the beach? Enjoy the freedom of being flexible.
10. Whihooo, it’s free and you’re getting something for nothing! Isn’t that creating a spark within, or what?!

11. Run because you can, and enjoy the body that was given to you. Some people aren’t that lucky and there might even be a day when you won’t be able to walk.

12. Bring friends along and enjoy this unpretentious time together.
13. Get to know your body better. After some time you will recognize how certain food, lack of sleep or a glass of wine too much will affect your body. And instead of feeling bad about it, enjoy the ups and downs and learn from them.

14. Don’t feel guilty about taking the car now and then.

15. What a feeling!!!! That beautiful feel-good vibe that showers you when you’re done - it’s worth running in the rain for!
Climate superhero
As we hope you know by now - we preach active commuting. So let’s get serious: Physical inactivity is a leading risk factor for ill-health, resulting in 4 million early DEATHS worldwide each year! People move too much without moving enough and rely on cars for the shortest of trips. Did you know that half of all trips, less than 5km, are undertaken by car and on average people spend about 80 minutes per day in transit? When you choose running, walking or cycling over driving - you integrate a piece of freedom into your everyday life. We are here to make it easier and you will be surprised how much time and money you save, and how strongly you will feel more positive, happy, healthy, inspired, less tired and overall good…and at the same time be a climate superhero.

Preventing your own illness AND the bad health of Planet Earth should be inspiring motivation enough!

Each little step counts. Start slow. You can’t get high without being low ;)

RUNNING 5 KM instead of driving

You save 1.38 KG of CO2 EMISSION
You burn 400 calories
Your relaxation levels increase with around 20% & your ability to deal with stress increase with 30%
You improve you memory
You release a flood of endorphins into your blood that produce feelings of happiness and pleasure
You strengthen your body’s natural defences - your immune system
RUNNING 5 KM instead of driving
Traveling 5 kilometers
(Appr. 3 miles)
PRODUCES this amount of co2: