Routine Rambler

…and some feel good reasons why keeping a schedule makes you free

Studies show that a lack of routine feeds anxiety and negative behaviors. Studies also show that focusing too much on making every hour productive can be counterproductive. So how to find the perfect balance between routine and free time?

Aristotle said it well: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” He was born 384 years BC and knew, already then, the importance and value of repetition. We have listed a few things that can help to appreciate and understand routines:

Honor habits

Studies show that good daily habits in the early stages of life helps to develop self-discipline and self-control, which is the foundation for establishing and developing healthy routines that support happiness and success throughout life; whereas poor daily habits, like lack of nutritious food, exercise and sleep, often leads to negative behaviors.

A habit is an unconscious action that you do on a consistent basis, whereas routines are a conscious way of doing things repetitively, often made up by many habits to reach a certain goal.

Respect routines

Routines provide stability and comfort that allows us to cope with the rollercoaster ride of life. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time every day as well as going to bed at the same hour is proven to help people manage stress, mental health and change. These habits could also include a morning run, organizing your desk before starting to work, meditation, having your coffee in the same cup, etc. A conscious way of doing things repetitively and in a specific order creates a sense of conformity, which is needed to anchor us in daily life.

Energy save mode

Want to maximize your brain power? Take care of your internal harddrive by creating a routine. it provides us with a simple roadmap to follow, where we don’t need to think in detail about every action step - that in return eliminates the need for excessive brain power and lowers your stress levels. And…it saves a lot of time!

Sleep mode

Did you read our article on sleep? Please do so, to understand better the urgency of a sleep routine. Sleep is a matter of life and death - crucial to our overall well-being. When we go to bed at the same night hour and wake up at the same time every morning, our bodies develop a mental and physical sleep-wake cycle that makes it easier to fall asleep and wake up. Plus, your quality of sleep improves big time.

Movement momentum

Are you interested in a healthy life? Whether you are a runner, yogi, team sports lover or perhaps hate exercise, you need to block out time for these activities to make it a routine. When we organize our time around it, we promote self-care which is important to maintain feelings of fulfillment and happiness.


A bright-eyed way to maintain mental, physical, and psychological health, is to eat healthy at the same hour every day. Integrate a routine around groceries shopping, cooking and eating, in order not to stress out about it. Whatever floats your boat: online shopping, shopping lists, recipe research, growing your own veggies, etc, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis - make it a priority as it’s vital! Stress and food is a bad combo. If you are accompanied by a cellphone and lack of time - the healthiest meal in the world won’t help!

Freetime line-up

The word routine might have a die-hard negative ring to it. But it’s the opposite of conformity! Routine equals freedom. But you have to make space for it. When we are always focused on tasks and events, anxiety and other negative emotions can build up. We need to let our minds rest and relax. Free ourselves from concerns and allow us to feel calm and laid back. When we are always doing something, we need to do nothing once in a while too, as this is very important for our mental health. Make free time a constant part of your weekly routine. Put it on autopilot - now!

Count on change

We are all different - and that’s beautiful. Life carries unpredictable ups and downs and change is part of our existence on Earth. Create a structure that works for you and your surroundings. Find a balance together, respect one another and don’t panic when you get stuck or obstacles occur. Learn to adjust and build upon your routines, as this is a necessary point of growth. Good routines and habits can improve and evolve over time.
When you or a dear one loses track, just keep brushing your teeth, try to stay away from unhealthy self-medication and slowly find your way back to the path you want to wander. Use the golden opportunity to contemplate and reflect on what you are doing and where you are going. Looking in the mirror is healthy. How else are you gonna find and question unhealthy aspects of your life and plan for something better?