How To Choose The Right Backpack

Things to consider when finding
the right backpack for you

Convenience, style, functionality. These are essential things a good quality backpack needs to have. Combined with lightness, ergonomics, and an urban design at IAMRUNBOX you find the best backpacks for work and everyday use.

Benefits of the right

Fast replacing the traditional briefcase, backpacks are used by business professionals across the globe who appreciate the comfort and functionality that comes with this type of bag. No matter where you go, to work, to the gym, to visit friends, or to an important business meeting, a backpack is a versatile piece of luggage that allows you to carry as much or as little as necessary.

Thanks to IAMRUNBOX's smart design, you have complete freedom to shake hands, grab a coffee, or answer your mobile phone. And it also makes packing easier! If you still need some more advice check our our top 4 packing tips!

Backpack essentials

While people have different tastes and personal preferences, all of us want to buy a backpack that is practical, versatile, and has plenty of space for our personal belongings. Most importantly, it needs to look great in every situation! Weather resistance and comfort are important factors too. If you are going to wear your backpack regularly, good ergonomics are essential as well. Also, take care of the right way to wear your backpack.

IAMRUNBOX combines
style and function

To make sure that you have a cool backpack for work and play, IAMRUNBOX has developed a range of high-quality products that are lightweight, ergonomic, and smartly designed. IAMRUNBOX backpacks make it easy to carry all your essentials when you’re on the go, such as your laptop or a change of clothes.

Durable and weather-resistant, our backpacks protect your belongings when the weather takes a turn for the worse. And as they are equipped with smart-load distribution technology, they are always comfortable to wear. Especially our everyday backpack - the Spin Bag - makes you stand out in the crowd. Read here what Core77 is saying about the Made For Motion-line.

Better safe
than sorry

Safe, secure, and impeccably styled, the IAMRUNBOX Backpacks and Garment Carriers are great companions for your everyday life. Whether you are packing your camera for a trip overseas, a 1000-page textbook, a 13” laptop or a change of clothes, our products provide the protection you need in one stylish and functional hard-shell case.

A good backpack is also one of the best tips to avoid pickpockets. This is also one of the features that make our backpacks great for run commuting, according to Coach Mag, Core77 and Red Bull.

Buying the right backpack is not that easy. But when you have found your new daily companion it will make your life that little bit easier!