Packing your clothes

Packing Tips: How To Pack Smart And Wrinkle-Free

Our packing tips for a neat arrival

Packing clothes for a trip, a business meeting, or changing clothes after your commute sounds like a simple thing. But many of us know the problem and frustration when we actually find ourselves in this situation - how to fold clothes in the right way and how to keep the shirts wrinkle-free?

Statistics from Resia claim that Swedes have increasingly treated themselves with longer journeys in the last years. There is an increase of 150 percent when it comes to traveling, for example, to Australia, compared to the previous years.

Traveling for a long time means that a bunch of stuff needs to be packed. Of course, you can find a lot of useful packing tips out there, however, there is not a lot of help when it comes to keeping clothes completely wrinkle-free.

That’s why IAMRUNBOX has some great packing tips for you:


1. Roll your clothes

Another tip for packing clothes wrinkle-free in a suitcase is to roll them. By doing so, the clothes are getting less wrinkled than if you fold them randomly. This way of folding also saves precious space in your suitcase. You can even put your rolled clothes in a vacuum bag and squeeze the air out to minimize the space the clothes take. In fact, it is often the small garments, such as underwear and socks, that require the most space, so also think about how to pack these. In addition, you can fill your packed shoes with smaller, rolled garments, skin products, technical belongings and jewelry to save even more space.


2. Pack fine clothes in a garment bag

The mentioned packing methods work well for your casual outfits. To some extent, these ways of packing will prevent the clothes from getting wrinkled. But for finer clothes like blouses, shirts, skirts and suit jackets it can be easier to pack the clothes in a hard-shell garment bag.

IAMRUNBOX shirt boxes for example fit a whole set of clothes consisting of trousers and shirt or skirt and sweater and accessories. With the help of our Clothes Folder you get smart tips on how to pack in the right way. Also read our blog post on how to keep your clothes wrinkle-free.

You can either put the garment bag into your suitcase or attach it to the outside. No matter how you prefer carrying your shirt box, you can be absolutely sure that your outfit arrives wrinkle-free.

Another option is to simply use our Backpack Pro, or its upgrade the Backpack Pro 2.0. Elected as Best run commuting backpack by RedBull and Origym as well as Best Gifts for Travelers by Outside How, these backpacks are the perfect companions you want to have to keep your shirts wrinkle-free as they also come with a Clothes Folder. Besides, you can also carry your laptop, garments, and personal items.


3. Fill the gap

If you are packing your suitcase and do not need to pack a lot, it might be a good idea to fill up the void in the bag with plastic, paper or fabric so that your clothes and gadgets do not get jumbled, crumbled and ruined.


4. Emergency solutions!

In case that any of the garments still got wrinkled on you way - don’t worry! There is an emergency solution to it: Hang the wrinkled clothes on hangers in the bathroom and take a hot shower. The steam makes the garments damp and you can easily smooth out the wrinkles in your clothes with your hands. Another tip is to put your garment together with some ice cubes in a dryer at the highest temperature. Wait a few minutes until the ice cubes melt. The steam of the dryer smoothes out the wrinkles and your garment is in pristine condition afterwards.

More packing tips for frequent travelers

  • Make sure all the clothes you pack can be combined.

  • Organize your clothes - pack trousers with pants and sweaters with shirts.

  • Write down which clothes and shoes you used on the last trip to avoid taking unnecessary clothes.

  • Don't over-pack your suitcase. There will always be more stuff to carry when traveling home.

  • Think about the best way on how to pack your Dopp kit.
  • If you travel with someone - put half of the belongings in each other's bags in case one bag disappears.

  • Don't forget your must-have travel accessory - the Garment Bag!

Have a nice trip!