…and how to pack smart for crazy summer activities
Ok, who is ready to leave those unholy winter months behind? Being a Swede, you live in denial for 6 months a year. Crying about lack of sunlight would be too crazy on an everyday basis, so we tuck away our love for summer and stack up on coffee and candles instead. But when the daylight finally breaks, we break a little too. Up, down and all around. It’s peaking at Midsummer. The rare combination of deadline dread and Midnight sun, combined with booze, smörgåsbord and pagan holidays can be hard to handle, even for the most vigorous of superheroes. Pandemic sprinkles on top and “what’s my name?!”
Swede or not, can you relate? Being overworked, needing a well deserved break, but not just yet…boldly mixing cocktails and a heavy workload!?! Graduation parties, cloaked feelings, bbqs, social distance side effects, midsummer celebrations perhaps, pollen allergy, and so on. We know many of you are healthy, active people, and that is the best way of keeping it up, but in spite of everything it’s easy to get soaked in must-do’s.

Practical Preparations

Swedes are preparing for the big Midsummer weekend that starts on June 24, ideally in the countryside and preferably close to water. This involves traveling under odd circumstances, packing a billion outfits and food and perhaps camping equipment too. Unreasonable positive and negative stress knocks us over and out, so how can we find ways of reducing the “trauma”?

1) Equipment
2) Equipment
3) Equipment
4) …and a bit of planning


First of all you need a great looking bag that can carry loads without hurting your back. Preferably waterproof so you don’t need to worry about capsizing or Champagne splashes. Ideally a lightweight bag that won’t take up too much space on the train, in the car, cabin, tent, etc.

Is this even possible? Yes! Our Spin Bag has your back! And it even floats on water when closed right. 30L carrying capacity and a micro molle system that allows you to bring more. Separate bottom compartment for swimwear, dirty shoes or why not potatoes? Soft padded S-shaped shoulder straps and a removable hip belt and sternum strap. Did you know that a hip belt carries 60-80% of the total load? Buckle up and enjoy the freedom!

If you are scared of getting lost at sea or in the forest - pick the orange one. You will be spotted from miles away. For the modest personality we offer black and grey. Check them out here!


Are you carrying something delicate? Shirts or skirts that you want to keep wrinkle free and in good condition? Perhaps fragile glass bottles with liquid inside that you want to k e e p inside? And maybe you are bringing the laptop because you are planning to check emails and do video calls at the very last minute (but will most probably not even open the computer)?

Allow us to present our solution to this: our garment bags! We are experts at wrinkle free packing. Included in every purchase is our Clothes Folder card with guidelines on how-to fold best. Check this video to know more or go to the product pages to shower yourself with product information.

We are experts at traveling too. And one fantastic feature about these hard case, water resistant carriers is that they are shockproof. We have brought tax-free (let’s say alcohol free) bottles on several bumpy rides with planes and trains for the last decade, without any miserable “broken glass and whisky drenched luggage” incidents. And furthermore, you get a great looking string bag for free with the carriers, that could be used as a daypack.

3) EQUIPMENT (= accessories)

Organizers: Ok, smart traveling requires smart packing. Now that we have taken care of your elegant party outfit and glass bottles that go into the garment bag that goes into the backpack, it’s time to focus on the well-needed essentials. Small items can easily get lost, and in order to prevent that we have several packing organizers ready to be loaded. Toothbrush, make-up, underwear, battery packs and keys - organize it before stuffing it into your backpack and you will thank yourself later.

Travel towel: A towel is one of those annoying essentials that might be needed. We offer great looking travel towels that won’t take up any space at all and they dry fast. Easily stored into your bag or attached to the outside. Voila!

Face mask: A face mask might still be required in some places. Check out our comfortable and great looking Run Masks - handpicked by TIME magazine as one of the best inventions of 2020. Also great protection against heavy winds and pollution, if that would be the case on your journey.


Be ahead of time: Like most people, you will probably scream and shout while packing at the very last minute before running to the train station. To avoid panic attacks - try to plan ahead. Invest in good equipment and make the packing and carrying experience as joyful as possible. One very positive aspect of organizing the luggage into smaller bags, is that you can start the packing process a few days before and put things in order. No need for piles of stuff cluttering the floor.

Packing list: Take time to make a packing list - perhaps a digital one that you can save for future adventures too. The time you spend on it now, will save you not only minutes later but also the likelihood of getting into a bad mood.
Combine outfits: Packing light for dinner, sports, cozy evenings and outdoor activities ain’t easy. How can you combine the outfits of the different activities to minimize the volume? Do you have a cardigan that could work as a jacket and a morning gown? Do you have sporty tights that could work as casual clothing before taking them for a jog? Do you own a pair of trainers that could work together with a suit?

Color match: Decide on one color that can set the theme of your outfits. It allows you to combine materials, evening wear with casual clothing, etc without looking like a Christmas tree.


But above all, don’t forget to enjoy the journey. You are lucky to be able to travel. Respect nature, drink plenty of water, stay active, put your phone away, don’t forget to eat, get some sleep, take it easy on the intoxicants and just b r e a t h e.