Garment bag - the must-have travel accessory

Garment Bag - Is This Travel Accessory Really Necessary?

Why everyone needs a garment bag

Folding, packing, and traveling can be a real struggle without practical accessories and little helpers. One of those essential gadgets to make your travels easier is a garment bag - a simple solution to lots of problems. Every classy man and every fashionable business traveler should at least own one of those must-have travel accessories - and here's why.

Garment bag for business travels
IAMRUNBOX's garment bag - Get yours here!

1. Business traveling is getting a big thing

Business traveling has been continuously growing by around 5 percent each year since 2012. This goes hand in hand with enormous expenses in this sector. In 2017 for example, 1.33tn USD were globally spent on business travel with the biggest spenders being China (346,502m USD), United States (292,290m USD) and Germany (72,070m USD). According to predictions, this growth will continue into the 2020s as well. By 2022, the expenses are expected to reach 1.7bn USD.

This global development can also be seen in Europe where business travels account for 22.2% travel and tourism’s contribution to European GDP. France, Italy, Spain, and UK are the most important countries for foreign business travelers. 58% of non-EU residents went on business travel to those countries in 2017.

2. Folding is not a problem anymore

All of us know it - the act of folding all your clothes neatly - or rather the attempt to do so. Folding your clothes, especially your shirts, in the right way to avoid wrinkles and creases on the go is a complete chaos and a mission foredoomed to failure. A garment bag is a way out of this mess.

The IAMRUNBOX Garment Bags come with an included Clothes Folder. This is a folding cart with simple instructions on how to fold your clothes in the right way. The card itself adds extra support to your garments and ensures stability. Say bye-bye to wrinkled shirts! By the way, using Clothes Folder is also a great idea for your run commutes!

Fold your clothes correctly
IAMRUNBOX's Clothes Folder - Get yours here!

3. All at once, packing is exciting

The next challenge after folding your clothes is packing. Even when your shirts look neatly folded they will for sure get creased when putting them into your carry-on. During your travel, things will move around in your bag, making your clothes’ condition even worse. But not with a garment bag! This travel accessory keeps your belongings in place and prevents them from moving around.

The IAMRUNBOX Garment Bags even have a hard-shell case to protect your stuff. Through the compressed way of packing you can also save space in your carry-on. Furthermore, using garment bags as some kind of packing cubes leads to more organization and easier access to your belongings.

4. Skip the hotel iron - arrive in style

After a stressful time of folding, packing, and traveling, you finally arrive at your hotel. But there is no time to relax - the first business meeting is waiting for you. So better be quick having a shower, unpacking, looking for the hotel iron, finding out how the iron is working - if it is working - and changing your clothes. But wait, do you really need to iron your shirts again? No!

Just take out the garment bag of your carry-on, open the hard-shell case, and find your shirts in pristine condition. You are perfectly ready to go!

Travel in style
Learn more here!

5. Focus on what is essential

Especially for important business meetings it is essential to look your best! This will boost your self-confidence which will result in a more professional demeanor and a better performance. But finding your inner peace which is needed to get those results can be stressful. Besides your looks, there are so many questions that need to be taken into account: how to introduce yourself, how to end the presentation, how to react to difficult questions, what to say,... But at least you don’t need to worry about one thing: wrinkle-free clothes and a neat appearance - thanks to your garment bag!

You see, owning a garment bag will have a great impact on your business travels and will for sure pay off! It will reduce frustration during the travel preparations due to easy folding and packing. This leads to a saving of time which can be used to think about more important things like your presentation and your goals. Oh, and don’t forget about the struggle of ironing your shirt again before being able to head to your meeting. With the right garment bag, you will not be in need of a hotel iron anymore! Don’t waste your energy by worrying about your neat looks and concentrate on what is essential!

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