Åsa is run commuting everyday

Åsa Törngren Tells How She Fits Her Training Into Her Daily Life

How to easily fit training into your daily life

by Åsa Törngren

I would lie if I said that it’s always easy and that every run commute is about a smiling Åsa on light feet. No, run commuting is about freedom. About having the possibility to choose when and how to travel from point A to B.

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My personal life and run commuting

I live a hectic life with three kids, a full time job and a husband who travels quite a lot in his job. ”How do you do it? How do you manage to make time for all your training?” That are questions I get from time to time. Well, to be honest, it is all about prioritizing. I get up early (too early!) in the mornings or try to squeeze in a lunch run. And then, off course, I have my run commutes. Thank god for them! They are not a very long distance but they give me fresh air and a lot of everyday movement. And as a bonus - I don't need to be crowded with others on the subway ;)

How I carry my things while running

When you have an office job, like I do, travelling between work and home usually means carrying your laptop with you. I didn’t think it was possible to run with your computer but IAMRUNBOX has made that a FACT! Now I can run to work with my laptop and a change of clothes! BOOM - ready for a new day!

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