IAMRUNBOX customer reviews

IAMRUNBOX Customer Reviews

The best customer reviews - why our customers love IAMRUNBOX

There is nothing like a positive IAMRUNBOX review to make us feel all warm and fluffy on a cold autumn morning, and we are delighted to have received several of them in the past years!

Written by run commuters, business travelers and sports enthusiasts, our latest product reviews are written by people who use our innovative sports and travel garment bag on a regular basis. From what they say, it looks like they love IAMRUNBOX as much as we do!

But don’t take our word for it, here’s some of our favourite snippets of previous customer reviews about IAMRUNBOX:

The Run Commuter wrote: “It’s nice to finally see a product that is made for run commuting!”

I tested the IAMRUNBOX while run commuting in multiple packs for over a month. My clothes looked much better than they had while using the Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter. This is no doubt due to the shell on the IAMRUNBOX versus the thin, poly material of the Specter that constricts the clothing in order to hold it in place. With the IAMRUNBOX, clothing and garment carrier coexist peacefully without the crushing and smashing involved with other products and packing methods.”

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Equatours wrote: “More than just a Garment Carrier”

“While it is originally designed for transporting clothes and keeping them wrinkle free, IAMRUNBOX® is an extremely useful piece of luggage that you can use for a variety of different items.  You can easily fit an iPad or smaller notebook inside, an A4 writing pad, your diary or journal, your Kindle, and all the cables you need to stay connected, so it is perfect for out-of-office business meetings, trade shows, and conventions where you might need something larger than your handbag, but smaller than a briefcase to carry your essentials.”

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Angus on Amazon wrote: “The useful folding guide helps me pack my shirts right”

“I needed a shirt carrier for a cycle commute to work. This does the job perfectly! I have used it now on at least half a dozen times. The useful folding guide helps my shirts pack to the right size and the carrier fits neatly in my rucksack. It's light weight means I'm not carrying to much bulk and I hardly notice it in my bag. A great product which I have no problem recommending if you need wrinkle free clothes after a cycle/run to work.”

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Jographies wrote: “iamrunbox can make run-commuting a much easier and pleasurable experience.”

“What really drew me to this in the first place was its overt marketing to run-commuters. I have never seen a product before aimed primarily at those who run to work (it is also targeted at cyclist and business travellers). The whole concept for the product came out of the issues involved with run-commuting with a bag, and they are clearly foregrounding that in their product. The box itself is described as a document, shirt and garment carrier which removes the worry of what they may look like when you arrive at work. And it works. I took it on a vigorous test run the other day and my shirt was as crisp as when I departed and the journal article I had packed remained totally crease-free.”

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Runningbeside.me wrote: “If you commute to work and need a solution to creased clothes? I'd recommend giving IAMRUNBOX a go”

“Once I started using the box with my new rucksack the first thing I noticed was how well the box fits in the bag. The key I found was to pack the box into my bag first and then pack anything else in the bag afterwards. I place the box against my back and it sits really well. I hardly notice it. It doesn't jump up and down inside the back when running. It has rounded corners and no sharp edges, ideal for minimalist running bags. The IAMRUNBOX is weatherproof as well which is good because I've had a couple of runs into work that has been heavy downpours and although my bag is shower-proof, it's not Scotland proof! The box has been wet but my clothes instead it have been nice and dry.”

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If this doesn’t show you how awesome the IAMRUNBOX garment bag is, we don’t know what will!