We stay true to our motto CITY BORN - MADE FOR MOTION and aspire to be a spark of active change in people’s everyday lives by inspiring a healthy lifestyle and promoting running and cycling as green and sustainable traveling alternatives. Our products are designed to enable and facilitate Your active choices.


A fair production process is key, where we can be transparent and honest about our team, working methods and suppliers.  From where we stand now, we will always strive to continuously improve our relationship to suppliers as well as end consumers, to optimize our products and to minimize our carbon footprint. We will never stop learning, never stop believing and never stop working towards healthier, more holistic cities all over the world.  



Our factories are located in Southern China. We have sourced for them ourselves and have a direct communication with the managers, sales people and workers. There are no middle hands. Our designer and product developer do visits on a regular basis to check on working conditions, production process and simply just to maintain a good relation. Working hours are 8-10 hours. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included as well as housing. The factories are closed 27-30 days per year due to National Holidays.

We sometimes get the question “why China?” Well, it is not a matter of lower costs, its a matter of quality. We simply haven’t found any factories close to our headquarters in Sweden, that have the same facilities and high quality machinery. Adding to that, we have a lot of customers that are based in Asia.



Backpack Pro & Lite, Garment Bag Small and Large, Shoe Bag and Wash Bag are made by a small team in Humen, Guangdong Province. Located on the Pearl River Delta with fast and close connections to Shenzhen and Hong Kong, this is the most industrial of our 3 factory cities. Interesting facts: this is where the major battles in the First Opium War took place in the 1800s.


Our Spin Bag is produced by a small team in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. One of the most prosperous and glorious cities in the world according to the explorers Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta…well, you do feel the wings of history when you are there. Many places of cultural interest to visit, whether it’s trekking in the mountains or exploring the busy city centre. 



Our new garment carriers and Camera Bags are manufactured by a small team in Xiamen, Fujian Province. Xiamen is a coastal city close to Taiwan, very famous for its sea food and clean air. Many young designers are based here and the University is popular with students from around the world. The city centre has a perfect mix of the old and new, in terms of architecture and food.