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TIME's Best 2020 Inventions

November 2020 - "RunMask by IAMRUNBOX uses the materials associated with athletic clothes to create a mask that stays cool and comfortable during workouts"

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An innovative, breathable mask

August 2020 - Innovators are looking to create protective products that feel more like a “second skin” rather than a piece of personal protective equipment. One company making inroads in this new industry is WeWork Labs member IAMRUNBOX.

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The Best Running Backpacks For Hauling the Essentials

June 2020 - Running where you need to go is the ultimate way to rack up extra weekday miles. You also save time you would otherwise spend in traffic—and burn calories instead of fossil fuels.

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Best running backpack: The ideal rucksacks for running, commuting and hiking

March 2020 - We pick the most reliable, durable and comfortable backpacks for grand adventures and active commutes

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IAMRUNBOX's Spin Bag is a Stylish and Functional Backpack Option for People on the Go

November 2018 - We sat down with IAMRUNBOX's designer, Lina Westin to learn more about her design background and what makes the Spin bag different from other travel backpacks on the market.

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9 rucksacks perfect for running your commute

June 2018 - To carry your work gear, lunch and maybe even your laptop, you need a rucksack that’s perfectly pimped for run commutes: large enough to stash your stuff, light enough to run with, built to withstand the weather, and good looking, too.

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Two Backpacks for Run Commuting That Outperform the Competition

April 2019 - Five years ago, if you saw someone running through the city with a backpack on, you may have thought they were running from the cops. But now, it’s common to see people running to work. 

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