The Story of IAMRUNBOX



IAMRUNBOX was established in 2015 in Lund, Sweden, out of a love for travel and a passion for running. When our founder Kirill Noskov started running to work in order to fit daily training into his busy schedule, he found it nearly impossible to pack his office attire without it getting wrinkled and creased on the way. Kirill set out to develop products that would promote being active every day in any weather, hold a laptop securely in place, and at the same time keep clothes wrinkle free. IAMRUNBOX was born.


We stay true to our motto CITY BORN - MADE FOR MOTION and aspire to be a spark of active change in people’s everyday lives by inspiring a healthy lifestyle and promoting walking, running and cycling as green and sustainable traveling alternatives.


IAMRUNBOX products are designed to enable and facilitate your active lifestyle. With focus on ergonomics and smart packing, we develop carrying solutions for any active day of the week. Running and cycling backpacks that are minimalistic enough to wear at any occasion, whether it is sporty or not; sleek garment carriers with a focus on smart and wrinkle free packing; and practical travel accessories for a better organization. Our simple yet functional products are durable, weatherproof and hold your belongings securely in place - through rain, shine and bumpy rides. Through life.



We love the city. Of course we love nature too. But the city is where most of us spend every hour, every week, every month, year after year. It can be oh. so. stressful. we know. That’s why we want to inspire You (and it goes without saying: ourselves too) to appreciate and enjoy the urban jungle out there. How can we appreciate it more? Use it more? We believe that we can improve our collective health through a more active and sustainable way of getting around. Whether you like running, biking or walking or wheeling we’ve got your back! While benefiting from the stairs, the twisty roads, the hills and the houses, you get exercise, more time to actually observe your surroundings and time to reflect.


Our base is located in central Stockholm, Sweden, but we believe in a flexible and dynamic way of working, meaning that we bring our office when we travel. Our core team consist of one Swede, one Icelandic, one Austrian and two Latvians. Together we accumulate a wide variety of experiences and understanding within work, culture and language. We have partners in New York and Singapore, that adds to the melting pot. Except the shared love for an active lifestyle - the core value that we all believe in and live by is FREEDOM.


Fair work and a sustainable production process is key, where we can be transparent and honest about our team, working methods and suppliers. We dedicated this section to our company values. Read more here.