Washing Instructions For Backpacks, Garment Bags & Co

Care instructions

How to wash Backpack Pro, Spin Bag and Shoe Bag?

Backpacks, garment bags and travel accessories are great and trustworthy companions for your daily life as well as your travels. But after using them for some time, even the most premium products with the best fabrics will show slight traces of usage. This can be sweat, dirt or other stains and scratches. Follow our simple washing instructions to take care of your products in the right way. By doing so, you can enjoy your IAMRUNBOX products for many years to come.

Care instructions for IAMRUNBOX products

You should wash your backpack as well as your travel accessories from time to time to avoid odour or stubborn stains. But please do not soak our products or put them in the washing machine. Instead, we recommend to wash them by hand with a sponge. Laundry sanitizer and detergent is okay but please make sure that you are not overdosing or using very aggressive ones since this might have an effect on the color or the material itself. Since our products are waterproof and water resistant, it is possible to shower the outside gently after using the sponge. Please avoid to soak the inside and the padded mesh fabric on the outside.

Please do not tumble dry or dry clean any of our products. Avoid direct sun too and keep away from fire. Instead, put them on a flat surface or hanging, preferably where a lot of air circulates. And of course, please do not bleach or iron them.