Which Running Style Suits You?

There are several running styles out there - interval training, tempo variating, brisk walk, and much more. But is every running style for everyone? Find out which running style suits you the best.

The right running
style for you

Running is great. But there are different types of style and pace to choose from, all with the to goal to get the most out of your training. IAMRUNBOX presents different running styles so that you can find out which one suits you best!


Running is the embodiment of happiness - it strengthens your immune system, it stabilizes your insulin level, it prevents cartilage damage, increases the level of noradrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin while decreasing adrenaline and cortisol release. And perhaps most important of all: it improves your performance and strengthens your whole body. Find more benefits here.

Running is a form of exercise that fits well for almost everything as you can choose between short, medium, or long distances. The most common thing for amateur athletes is to run at a comfortable pace so that you are out of breath but can still run a longer distance. Of course, you can always decide if you want to run at a comfortable or the maximum pace. You can make sure to get a high pulse if you want it, and the best of all - you can run basically everywhere. Just decide which running style suits you best.

Interval Training

Another running style is interval training. Running in intervals means that you vary between fast and slow pace which you can do both on the treadmill and outdoors. For the interval training it is important that the tempo varies a lot and that the pulse is properly high during the fast distances.

This form of running training is great for those who want to improve their oxygen supply and want to have a highly efficient training for a shorter period of time. It is also great for those who want to train to keep up a high running speed for a longer period of time. For more tips we recommend reading this blog post.

Jogging with tempo variation

Jogging comes with plenty of health benefits. Amongst other things, it improves blood circulation and oxygenation to the brain, which has a positive impact on your memory and your concentration ability. It also strengthens your heart and prevents osteoporosis. The list of benefits can even be continued. You can easily vary pace when jogging and always remember - every run is a good run.


This type of jogging helps to increase your stamina as you exercise with low intensity for a longer period of time. Your body has a lot of time to get used to the exertion. That’s why this pace is great for both beginners and professionals.


For this running type the pace is somewhere between low and high-intensity jogging. This tempo is great for those who like to compete with themselves and want to see results and reach goals. For example, if your goal is running five kilometers in a given time, you can see every little improvement in your results.


Jogging at a high speed means that you are running rapidly for a long time which will get you into lactate threshold or just below. You can choose whether to run time- or distance-based in order to measure your results.

Brisk walk

Taking a quick walk - or power walk as it is called - with an appropriate physical exertion must not be underestimated. Not everyone can run or likes this form of exercise. Going for a walk is excellent for those who like to move around in the fresh air and want to improve their performance. It is also the best running style for those who have injuries in the knees, hips, or feet.

A brisk walk comes with a lot of benefits. For example, you can build muscles and improve your overall performance. You can go wherever you are, get fresh air and it costs nothing. During the walk you can practice your good posture as well by pulling the shoulders back and lowering them. A nice walk can also accelerate your recovery process after being sick.

IAMRUNBOX Pro tip: Did you know that your running workout can be easily combined with your daily commute to work, no matter for which running style you decide? Run commuting really has a lot of advantages.

So - moving is vital! It is only a matter of finding the form of exercise that suits you best. Hopefully, our advice helps you to find the perfect way of exercising for you!