Yup, I’m a running nerd

…and here are my 10 reasons why you should run instead of drive too

1. You get great exercise

Ask your doctor if you don’t believe it.

2. You get to breathe fresh air

Which is always a good idea.


Unless you invest in shoes or a backpack. But it’s still cheaper than any other sport.

4. You save on annoying parking fees

…and the hustle of finding parking in the first place

5. You save quite a bit of money on petrol

Good for your wallet. Good for the planet.

6. You make a big beneficial change for the climate

…and can brag about it too.

7. You save time

Running from A to B compared to what it takes with traffic jam, finding parking, gas station visits, car wash, service, whatever, etc isn’t that time consuming after all + plus you get exercise and don’t have to make time for stiff gym visits.

8. You recover your mind.

Less stress, better workflow, and yoohoo loads of endorphins coming your way.

9. You strengthen your immune system

10. You get a better night’s sleep

…and that’s pretty essential, right?!