Life hacks for the modern traveler

Packing. A piece of cake or a can of worms? Whether you find it easy or difficult, we’ve all experienced the frustration of how to minimize the load and how to avoid wrinkled garments. Here’s our take on it!

Humans have lived as nomads for 99% of history. It’s a fact. Until about 10,000 years ago most people had no permanent home and simply moved from place to place. Today, many people in our part of the world look at traveling as something related to business and holidays. A luxury, a hobby and a modern man must. But also a bit of headache - when it comes to the 1st world problem: how to pack smart?!?!

Long-distance globetrotter, weekend vagabond, staycation sucker, beatnik camper, business junkie? Whoever you relate to, it’s always nice to move smoothly over land and sea. So how to do it right? Here are some practical pointers:


Be ahead of time: To avoid panic attacks - try to plan ahead. Invest in good equipment and make the packing and carrying experience as joyful as possible. One very positive aspect of organizing the luggage into smaller bags, is that you can start the packing process a few days before and put things in order. No need for piles of stuff cluttering the floor.

Packing list: Take time to make a packing list - perhaps a digital one that you can save for future adventures too. The time you spend on it now, will save you not only minutes later but also the likelihood of getting into a bad mood.

Combine outfits: Packing light for dinner, sports, cozy evenings and outdoor activities ain’t easy. How can you combine the outfits of the different activities to minimize the volume? Do you have a cardigan that could work as a jacket and a morning gown? Do you have sporty tights that could work as casual clothing before taking them for a jog? Do you own a pair of trainers that could work together with a suit? Today’s fashion is a mishmash of everything and dress codes belong to the past.

Color match: Decide on one color that can set the theme of your outfits. It allows you to combine materials, evening wear with casual clothing, etc without looking like a Christmas tree.


Garment Bags: Fine clothes like blouses, shirts, skirts and suits are best packed into a hard-shell garment bag. IAMRUNBOX offers two sizes of shockproof and water resistant boxes designed to fit and protect clothes in the best possible way. The included Clothes Folder card has a printed step-by-step guide that shows how to easily fold shirts, trousers, skirts, jackets, and dresses in the best way, to ensure a wrinkle-free result. Throw it into your suitcase or backpack and leave your worries behind. Bumpy plane rides or running in the snow won’t stop you from looking fabulous at the final destination. Besides, it’s perfect for storing a laptop and some bottles too. If that would ever cross your mind…

Roll your clothes: Another tip for packing clothes wrinkle-free in a suitcase is to roll them. By doing so, the clothes are getting less wrinkled than if you fold them randomly. This way of packing also saves precious space in your suitcase. In fact, it is often the small garments, such as underwear and socks, that require the most space, so also think about how to pack these. Consider to fill your shoes with smaller, rolled garments, skin products, technical belongings and jewelry to save even more space.


Inside organization: Optimize your life with IAMRUNBOX packing cubes and organizers. These little helpers are ultra-lightweight and can be stored flat or inside each other when not in use. They even help you save space by compressing your clothes. Easily find your belongings inside your bag and separate clean clothes from dirty ones. Perfect for toiletries that might leak, damp towels or training clothes, underwear, jewelry, cables, you name it. Traveling with only cabin luggage? Pack all liquids together in a water resistant organizer and make it easily accessible for security check.


Hot shower: In case any of the garments still got wrinkled on your way - don’t worry! Here’s a word to the wise: Hang the wrinkled clothes on hangers in the bathroom and take a hot shower. The steam makes the garments damp and you can easily smooth out the wrinkles in your clothes with your hands.

Spray water: spray a fine layer of water over the wrinkles and stretch the garment to the max (without tearing it of course) and/or press out the wrinkles with your hands.

Ironman & Miss Steam: the good ol’ iron might be available at your destination. Although you might be under time pressure, don’t pressure the iron - take a deep breath, stay strong and don’t stress for the best result (aaaaand follow care label instructions!) Time saver no 1 is to fill the iron with water, put it on the highest steam effect and hover over the hanged clothes while pressing the steam button. Finish with stretching the garments lightly.

Happy travels, love!