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Choosing The Perfect Everyday Cycling Backpack

If cycling is your hobby or preferred form of exercise, then it's important to have the appropriate accessories that can help you improve and enjoy your experience. 

In particular, it's a good idea to look for the perfect cycling backpack or everyday backpack to fit your needs. What else is going to carry your water bottle, sweat towels, and other valuables - especially if you are commuting?

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With that in mind, what should you look for when choosing a backpack that will fit your active lifestyle? Here are some useful tips.

Things To Know

Before you even consider which cycling backpack to get, you should ask yourself some other questions. These include: 

  •     How often you go cycling
  •     Whether its for commuting, exercise, or competitive racing (or all three)
  •     How long the trip is
  •     What the journey is like (rough, smooth, etc.)
  •     What the weather is often like for your location (rainy, windy, etc.)

Once you determine these points, it becomes easier to choose the perfect everyday cycling backpack catered to your needs.

Essential Features of an Everyday Cycling Backpack

Like our Spin Bag 18L and Spin Bag White, a perfect everyday cycling backpack should offer you:

Anti-Sweat Back Panel

The anti-sweat back panel will ensure your maximum comfort by preventing sweat from irritating you during your rides. It needs to be ventilated and ready to embrace impact in case you find bumpy roads in your way. 

Laptop Pocket

If you're cycle commuting, then your cycling backpack is going to need a laptop pocket to hold your laptop securely in place as you cycle. A laptop pocket should be the appropriate size for your laptop, and when slid inside, it should remain in position throughout the entire ride. 

Chest/Waist Straps

Having a cycling backpack that adjusts perfectly to your body is key to feeling comfortable during your ride. Besides helping the bag to be secured against you properly, chest and waist straps help to distribute the weight - which does some good for your back and makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

Reflective Strips

Cycling can be a dangerous activity, especially when done close to busy roads. Reflective strips are very handy in that regard as they can help other people and drivers see you from a distance with ease. With these must-have safety items you will have a reliable friend in your cycling backpack. 

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Waterproof Quality

A waterproof backpack should be a minimum requirement if you're frequently cycling outdoors. Weather-resistant material will help to protect your items in case it's raining or snowing.

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Finally, you need to choose a cycling backpack that has ergonomic quality. This means that the backpack should be designed for total efficiency and comfort, particularly when commuting. 

Features that contribute to an ergonomic backpack include things like padding, choice of material, and size/weight of the bag. You will find all of that in our Spin Bag 18L and Spin Bag White backpacks.

These are the key considerations for choosing a perfect cycling backpack:

  • Anti-sweat back panel
  • Laptop pocket
  • Reflective strips
  • Chest and waist straps
  • Waterproofness
  • Ergonomics
We at IAMRUNBOX know that every commuter backpack should have these essential qualities, which is why each of our products is tailored to this need. Browse our range to find a travel accessory suitable for you.