Make a change / Inspire change

We live in a world of finite resources. According to the United Nations, we dump 2.12 million tons of waste every year. There are a lot of things we could do to change that, together.

We strongly believe in a future where everything that is produced will have a longer and healthier life cycle, and therefore IAMRUNBOX is taking the first step to enable a more sustainable choice for our customers.

IAMRUNBOX - sustainability categories

The mission

Our simple yet functional products are durable, weatherproof and hold your belongings securely in place - through rain, shine and bumpy rides. Through life. All made to inspire a healthy and active lifestyle!

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The circular backpack

Our circular backpack program inspires people to rethink their consumption habits. If you want a new IAMRUNBOX backpack but still have an old one in your wardrobe, you can send it to us. We will repair it and give it a new life. 

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Rent a backpack

Need a backpack only for a weekend/week or a month? We aspire for people not to make unnecessary purchases. Rather, rent the backpack you need. It will also help you to make better buying decisions as a consumer.

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Made to last


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Made for motion

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