4,673 tonnes of CO2
saved in 2019

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Save CO2 by active commuting

The calculation is based on the average use of our Backpack Pro and Backpack Pro 2.0 while active commuting (by running, walking, or cycling) 2 times a week for 5 km (one way) instead of driving. If we take the number of running backpacks we sold in 2019, we can calculate that on average we saved 4,673 tonnes of CO2 by promoting the healthier and more sustainable way to commute.

Make your own calculation in a few simple steps!

1. Find you co2 footprint

Calculate your CO2

2. How much does it take to produce one bag?

3. How much can you save?

We'd love to get an even better idea on the carbon footprint we are saving and would be very happy if you email us the number you got and we'll send you a discount code of 15% off on our webshop. 

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