Run Commute Beginners’ Kit

Starting to run commute might seem like a tough challenge in the beginning. That's why we've created the perfect starter pack to make the journey easier and more enjoyable.

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Are you new to run commuting?

Make it easy and simple. Your backpack needs to be extremely comfortable - you should worry only about running! Make sure to plan what you will carry with you, and how to clean-up or shower after your run. We recommend that you carry less in the beginning. This way you protect your back and have that extra space to try out different packing set-ups. Ready? Wait no more! This is the perfect kit for you.

Why this kit is perfect for you as a beginner in run commuting:


As a beginner in run commuting comfort is the most important factor. Choosing a backpack that doesn't bounce and stays in place will make the journey more enjoyable and pain free.

Packing Solution

Second most important part: pack your backpack correctly. When run commuting, stuffing your clothes in your backpack could both cause wrinkled clothes and items dangling around. 

Water proof

When you are motivated to make a life change you shouldn't let the weather stop you. So being prepared for rain will be a game changer. The backpack is only weather resistant but the kit comes with a rain cover, making it water proof. 


There are two reasons why the Backpack Pro is perfect for beginners. The backpack itself only weights 950 grams and the other reason is capacity as it doesn't make space for too many things to carry: resulting in light weight added to your run.

Breathable storage

Included in the kit there are packing cubes and a laundry bag. This is both to make more organization within the backpack but also as a solution to where to put your sweaty run clothes after the run. You can store then in a breathable bag all day.

Adjustable straps

Waist and sternum straps of the backpack are adjustable and create the perfect support you need. The sternum strap also has whistle imported so you can stay safe at all times.

Run Commute Beginners' Kit

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What's included in the Kit:

Backpack Pro & elastic string

The Backpack Pro is ergonomic, lightweight, weather-proof, 100% anti-bounce running backpack with a 14’’ laptop compartment and 10l capacity.

2x Clothes Folder

The Clothes Folder enables you to fold correctly and keep your clothes wrinkle-free on the go. With two Clothes Folder you can have fit more in the clothes compartment for example a shirt and trousers that will arrive wrinkle free.

Laundry Bag

The Origami Laundry Bag is a bag for sweaty clothes, ventilated for breathability. Perfect to store your training clothes after a run. Can be used on it's own as well as a draw-string bag. 

Rain Cover

The Rain Cover gives you extra protection for rainy days.

Microfiber Towel

Micro-fiber & quick-dry towel for clean-up or shower after your run. Takes almost no space when packed. 

2x Packing Cubes

The Packing Cubes come in two sizes. The Medium size is perfect for storing laptop chargers or extra clothes. The small size is perfect for toiletries and other smaller items. 

All of this for only €170!

Get your Run Commuter Beginner's Kit today. Or start reading and preparing here. 

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