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We are launching an equity crowdfunding campaign very soon and you are welcome to join. Equity crowdfunding simply means that we offer an opportunity to buy shares in IAMRUNBOX to anyone who wants to be part of our journey. We believe in creating a strong relationship with our customer and shareholders. Crowdfunding makes it possible for everyone to participate, contribute and help us create the future of IAMRUNBOX.

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2015 IAMRUNBOX is founded in Lund, Sweden.


2019 We tripled our revenue growth from 2018 to 2019. 

Break even

August 2019 Reached a break even level.

Strong product pipeline

IAMRUNBOX takes responsibility by making timeless and functional products. We work closely with our customers and stakeholders on expanding the product range and any feedback is always welcome. 

It all started with one backpack, the Backpack Pro; a backpack made for running to work and a backpack top rated by Red Bull. Today we have expanded the product range and will continue to do so. Our range now consists of 40 products; everyday active backpacks, running backpacks,  packing solutions and accessories. See all products here.

Growth plan 2020

March 2020

Raise up to 1 million Euros capital to scale our business.

May 2020

Launch retail in Germany, Norway, Finland and Iceland.


Introduce 4 new product families.

How does it work?

First step is to subscribe with your email. Before we go live, we'll send you a special invite to our campaign page. We are using a platform called Funderbeam. You can sign up to their platform easily, see how here. 

When you receive the invite to the page you can participate by clicking 'invest' and indicate the amount you want to invest. This amount will serve as an indication of interest and does not legally bind you to commit to the investment. When the campaign is closed, we will send further information about the final step. The minimum amount you can invest is 250 Euros and in return you get a share of IAMRUNBOX worth your investment.