Backpack Pro VS. Backpack 2.0

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Table of content

1. Purpose - what do you need the backpack for?

2. Functionality - product features

3. Feedback - product reviews 

4. Conclusion 
- making a final decision

1. Purpose

While both the Backpack Pro and the Backpack Pro 2.0 were designed primarily for run commuters, they can also be used by cyclers, business travelers, and for carrying gear and belongings to gym and water sports. On these criteria, they are pretty similar:

Since the main difference between the backpacks is their size, you might want to ask yourself:

How many garments do I need to carry with me? If I need to carry my laptop, how big is it?

Let’s learn more about the size and other features in the next section.

2. Features

Backpack Pro

• 10L capacity

• Fits up to 13’’ laptop

• Includes 1 Removable Elastic String System 

• Comes with waist straps, for support and to store essentials, plus sternum straps for support

• Padded back panel 

• Goes perfectly with Shoe Bag, Space Bag, Rain Cover, Packing Cubes and Packing Organizers

Backpack Pro 2.0

• 12L capacity

• Fits up to 15’’ laptop

• Includes 1 Removable Molle Strap System 

• Comes with stretchable waist pockets that fit lots of extra belongings

• Air-flow technology in back panelAdjustable load-lifter straps • Has pockets on the inside for organization.

• Goes perfectly with the Space Bag, Shoe Bag, Rain Cover and Water Bottle Holder



Quality & Style

Backpack Pro and Backpack Pro 2.0 offer a mix of functionality and style for active urban commuters from all over the world. Both work perfectly in an urban landscape and office environment.

Check this video

Our CEO, Kirill Noskov walks us through the main features of our newest running backpack: The Backpack Pro 2.0:

3. Reviews from publications

This is a great option for run commuters who need to star smart at work. 

- Shaun Dixon,

red bull logo running backpack review

My favorite thing about the backpack is that it fits so well onto my back. It didn't shift around. It did not affect my running what so ever. 

- Gear Patrol

4. Conclusion

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