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Awsome bag for several areas

Great comfort to wear and fits all necessary belongings such as computer, closthes etc. Mainly used for cycling but also used for running. Autumn weather with lot of rain is not an issue, clothes are dry upon reaching the destination.

Exceptionnaly great

Excellent quality, excellent storage, excellent fit

Love it !

Life changing purchase! Well made, right size, fits perfectly.



Excellent for petites!

Got this after looking for a while for a running pack that wouldn't overwhelm my 5'3"/160cm frame. This has been perfect! It's light, doesn't move when I run, and fits just enough inside to get me to and from work.

Best running backpack on the market

This is the comfiest running backpack i’ve ever used. It sits higher on my back than others I’ve tried and this makes it feel so light, even when full of gear (clothes, laptop, lunch etc). It’s just the right size but more space can be added with the optional shoe back (recommended).
I use it 3 times a week running at least 9km each way into work.

Great size, great hold

Nicely crafted and well holding in place even fully packed. Definitely a need-to-have.

Perfect size

I use it for my bike commute. I typically pack my computer, notebook, shirt and trousers in this bag. Then put the bag in my pannier on my bike. Works great.
The bag is not a millimeter larger that needed, so it's a bit of a tight fit and you have to be careful how you pack. I typically bring oxford shirts and jeans/cotton trousers, that can handle a it of wrinkling. If I want to get to work absolutely wrinkle free, I would just take another bag for the computer and not pack to tight in the bag. The shell is great and can withstand a bike crash (I've tried), the organiser interior and top quality. Also love the mesh garment bag that's included.

A great commuting run pack

I wanted to start run commuting and yet needed to be able to carry a suit shirt and trousers. This pack has allowed me to do that and the shirt arrives remarkably crease free. More crease resistant shirts arrive in better condition and I wouldn't expect too much of if for a full cotton easy crease shirt but for day to day work suit wear this works well. The bag is fantastically light and has great pockets in the straps that take my iPhone 11 in a reasonably bulky case. The inside of the bag is not large. I can fit my shirt and trousers with a small towel, my iPad and notebook with some space for small extras but not a lot more. It works really well for me. The bag is really comfy. It rides quite high on the back but doesn't interfere at all with normal run stance and there is no bounce. Ive used it 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks without any problems at all. I waited for a 30% sale and I thought that this was a really good price and it was delivered in about 10 days.

Perfect bag for commuting and cycling holidays :)

I love this iamrunbox spinbag backpack very much! It’s lightweight, sits comfy on my back, it's waterproof and it has enough space for my laptop, books, sportswear and other stuff.

There are some important matters this brand cares about such as sustainability and ergonomics. This backpack is going to be my friend for a lot of years due to the quality build of it and the strong (vegan!) materials that are used. The backpack is ‘’planet-friendly and made to last’’.
The bag is designed to use while moving and thus fits great whilst doing so.

All in all it’s just a great bag and it looks really good!!

See if you can spot the bag in my instagram pictures: @rideandrunmax

Extremely satisfied with my Backpack Pro 2.0

I have now used my Backpack Pro 2.0 for 6 months and I can say that I am extremely satisfied with it. It's small on the outside, but spacious on the inside. It doesn't bounce and it feels light although I usually have my laptop, my phone, cords, a shirt/dress, trousers, socks, underwear, glasses, and a snack in it. Sometimes I also have a pair of shoes or one or two books in a space bag attached to it. What else can I say? I love it!

A real improvement!

The space bag for the Backpack Pro 2 is a significant improvement on the shoe bag for the Backpack Pro.

The bag is really expandable to fit shoes with plenty of room to spare.

The method of securing this to the Backpack Pro 2 is also really secure. Use of straps and hooks instead of elastic means that bouncing is almost completely removed

An absolute must for those buying the Backpack Pro 2

Quality Mask - Very breathable - Super fit

Very happy with the quality of mask. the filter and the packaging.
Mask fits true to size and adjusts well at the back with velcro. Absolutely love that this doesnt pull on my ears.
From a running perspective, its light weight and doesnt seem to soak in sweat which is a real bonus.
The nose clip is also adjustable , and makes it easy to breathe and adapt.

Spin bag is a great bag for outdoor adventures and commuting to work.

Excellent bag for commuting

This is the first backpack that have protected my belongings from the Swedish Westcoasts humid and rainy climate during the month of September. Arrived to work with dry and wrinklefree clothes (combined my bad with an origami organizer) and those works great!

The bag fits well on my back when bicycling. I also tried running with it, it worked, but not optimally (will work for runs around 5km).

I also feel safe on my bike since I went with the orange one. It will be hard missing me bicycling around!

Nimble AF

Really good “pouch” looking for something like this a long time and this really hits the spot
Good job guys

an awsome way to bring your drone

love how it fits so good on the back and the thing that you can bring your drone on the runs! love it

Excellent mask

We received the series of run / protective masks and are very positive about the quality and its user-friendliness. Its very comfortable to wear. Absolutely worth it!

Excellent form and function

Backpack Pro 2.0 has very little lateral movement / swinging back and forth while running and is very light, making it very comfortable. The pack itself is very sleek and low profile. Overall, it is a great product, I use it whenever I (literally) run errands to pick up or drop off small items.

Spin Bag 18L & 30L Short Review

I am a super fan of IAMRUNBOX.
This bag offers it all and worths every Krona. Good quality material and great design.
I bought both 30L and 18L of this bag and couldn't be any happier.
18L Spin Bag: This is literally my every day and everywhere backpack. It has the perfect size for your daily needs. I take it everywhere I go to; university, grocery, picnic or swimming. It has comfortable padding and a secure pocket at your hand reach while hanged on one shoulder.
30L Spin Bag: Large enough to take all you need for a weekend getaway or a light journey alike. However, take good note that the compartment below is not fully detachable and personally would not recommend 30L for someone 175 cm or lower! (it might look sort of big and sketchy.)

rain cover

I recently received this rain cover to protect my back pack pro on my run commuting to work. It really works great and the price was right too

Very happy with my SPIN BAG 18L, 100% Waterproof

I Really like the SPIN BAG 18L. You can have it both when you run, but also when you ride a bike! I took the bag with me to the mountains and there it was really good to have.
The bag has a nice design and is also waterproof. It`s Very good storage in the bag with many small compartments! I am Very happy with this bag and I really recommend it!

Excellent backpack, using it for 3mile run every day back from work, no issues at all.

Love it! Chic and really useful

Commute BAG no 1

The bag is made from very quality material. Nice for every day commuting. I can pack myself all my nessesary things like notebook, money pocket, keys, powerbank, food and a lot of another things. I can fully recommend!