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I purchased both size bags and found them far more durable than any product. Years of traveling checked at airports, hiking, bike touring!!! After almost a year and a serious bicycle accident I had a small hole where most materials would she'd against the pavement. I patched it with a tough reflective sticker and it's as good as new. All I know is that it's the only back packs I'll ever need, recommend and ever purchase again.

Amaze Balls

Best back no jiggle jaggle no rubbing it just clings to back brilliant

Best running backpack ever!

I have tried several professional backpacks both for bicycling and running to work. I frequently have to carry my laptop back and forth and always a change of clothes, and a 10 k run with a backpack that is moving around a lot is simply too uncomfortable. Having just received my new Backpack Pro 2.0 I have run 40 k in 7 days, first with just a simple change of clothes but the last runs with a laptop as well. Works beautifully and so much more "stuck" to my back. Can't say anything about longevity yet of course, but if it holds up it is definitely a winner and good running companion.

Great running backpack

They have really done their homework well - this is a great running backpack!

Smart and very useful!

I was sceptical at first, but this really works. It has changed the way I commute - I can now easily run to/from work and carry my work outfits wrinkle free! It’s also very useful for those travelling on business who want wrinkle free shirts and suits. I would definitely recommend.

Overall very good

Bag is spacious: fits all I need for gym (a towel, and sportswear including shoes). It has nice set of compartments. I am satisfied with the quality and the looks of it. The only downside is that the center of mass of the bag is quite far from my back which makes it move a bit more than I would like. Otherwise - great so far.

Great stuff

Perfect tools for traveling efficiently. Keeps clothes ready to go as soon as you unpack them!

Good service and quality of goods.


I will be travelling Europe by train with a large duffle bag on wheels. These garment organizers will keep my dresses and blouses protected from being crushed & wrinkle free!
I will be getting some for my husband too.
Very happy with my purchase!

Best way to pack your things

Origami has been for ages the best way to pack and save space. In my case you can see that I'm traveling with a lot of things, it's a 5 day trip between Prague and Helsinki and I managed to carry everything that I need. The photo is missing my second par of shoes. I highly recommend this, if you are worried about carrying your working clothes and avoid wrinkles. Thanks guys for this amazing add-on to my backpack!

It works

I have used the large and small Origami Organizers and their firm shell protects the contents well. Anything that is crushable and deserves a greater degree of support will benefit. A simple solution that compliments soft packing cubes when protection is more important.

It works

Just returned from 9 days international travel combining work and leisure. Origami Organizer kept my important garments protected and as I packed them. A great compliment to my usual soft packing cubes which still have a place for unimportant gear.

Recommended for Run Commuting

I've been run commuting with this backpack for the last couple of months, and I really like it! As advertised, it is very stable and does not bounce up and down or rotate from side to side when the straps are tightened correctly. The hardshell case seems essentially waterproof, as my clothes inside were completely dry after running home from the office in the pouring rain for about 50 minutes. I also really like the pockets in front for my wallet, phone, and keys, as these pockets prevent me from having to fumble around in the backpack to access these items, as was the case for my old backpack.

The space inside is adequate for most of my runs. For a longer distance 11 mile run to a morning meeting out in the suburbs the other day, for example, I was able to fit a folded pair of dress pants, a collared shirt, sweater, underclothes, towel, washcloth, and folded duffel bag for dirty clothes inside, and used the shoe bag attachment to carry toiletries to use at the office building's shower and a bottle of orange juice for the run. For my typical 6 mile commute to my office building, however, I don't need to use the shoe bag attachment, but I'd recommend getting it to have the added space for longer runs, or when running to other offices where you don't have a stash of toiletries on hand.

This version of the backpack doesn't really have an attachment for a water bottle, but I understand an attachment is being added for the upcoming 2.0 version. Also, you can expect the cool IAMRUNBOX logo on the back to start rubbing off if you carry the shoe bag for a significant distance. These are minor complaints though and if you are a run commuter, I think you'll really like the backpack.

Better than expected

I'm a backpack junky.
I love them and I have way too many of them.
The last great purchase was the SABLE RUCKSACK - OLIVE from JustPorter for $200. I love it until I got my SpingBag in Orange.
Main Points:
LIGHTWEIGHT!!!! it's super ultralight, compared to the Sable which is 500grams heavier.
Ultra-Comfortable: This is a big point. Some of the ransack that I tried before they were ok as the shape of the backpack, but the SpinBag it's amazing. I just love how much I can carry and feel that it's hugging me.

I will write a full review in my website

Stylish and practical - great bag for everyday use

I am so happy that I picked the 30L bag (was first considering the smaller bag). I think it is a really versatile yet really stylish bag and so I use it everyday for everything between flying to business meetings, day- and weekend trips, commuting to work (by bike), bringing gym gear for after work workout and more...

I've used it every day since I got it and still no real signs of wear and tear, this bag will be with me for a long time - a big thanks for a great product to the team at IAMRUNBOX!

Great product & customer service

I was looking for a sleek looking backpack, which I can wear with a suit and still look good meeting clients. Another important factor for me was sustainability and ethical production. This product has it all and more. IAMRUNBOX has surpassed my expectations and even when I needed to call the customer service, they have been super fast and helpful! 100% recommend!

Good backpack for commute running

I was using this bagpack for commute run to the office. I probably run over 1000K with it. It is nice and durable. Only one side effect is the zipper. My started to worn out recently. Everything else is perfect. Because of the zipper, I would give it 4 starts out of 5. However it is only in it's class and serves well. So 5 stars it is!

Great stuff

I have to travel often.This is my most loved equipment.Shirts arrive wrinkle nice...👍👍👍👍👍👍Looking forward to ...may be....a tie case?

Perfect for my daily commute

Used it for my daily commutes a few months now. Love the bag, ergonomics and functionality. Clean design and also perfect for a city use.
Really like the quality and materials used in the bag. Also nice to have an option to remove waist straps as normally I don't need it.

Amazing backpack

I absolutely love this product! I was kind of sceptical in the beginning but it turned out that the backpack is really waterproof. I didn't even have problems during a day full of heavy rain in Norway. Besides traveling, I use the product for the office. I pack laptop, lunch box, chargers, water bottle and also my workout clothes in it - that's no problem at all! And I already got some charming complements for it ;)

Love the backpack; unfortunately, my Macbook Pro won't fit

I work 45 mins walking distance from home and wanted to jog from work to home. Found this backpack and thought it'd be great. According to the given dimensions, my Macbook Pro was supposed to fit; however, that wasn't the case. I love the backpack otherwise.

Works well for running with laptop

I have several running backpacks already but they are soft and don't work well for running with a laptop, and I got this one to help me run to work more often. I have run with my pc a couple of times now and it works well. The interior straps keeps stuff in place and hard shell protects pc and my back.
Solid straps to keep the bag in place. The chest band can be moved up and down which is nice, but I would like to be able to move it even further down than the current design allows, for a better fit.
The bag costs a lot more than simple running backpacks, but it is worth it for me if it helps me run more often, say 1-2 additional runs per month which I think it will do.

Delivery time

Took 2 weeks after expected delivery to arrive.

Almost perfect

I have had two IAMRUNBOX backpacks in the last two years and just received the latest iteration, my 3rd one. The backpacks are very comfortable and perfect for commute runs.
My only complaints are regarding the zippers which do not glide smoothly after some use and the side pockets which, in two cases, started having holes and my mobile phone fell out on two occasions causing broken screens. Besides that , the backpack is fantastic and I have not found any other that is comparable. And, not to forget, the IAMRUNBOX customer service is the best there is :) A special thanks to Sandra who has been very responsive and helpful.

Best work/workout bag on the market

Heard you are Improving your zipper for computer compartment, seems great since my broke. Im also having trubble fitting my seize 8,5 Hoka running shoes so thats a risk for the zipper since its tight, but it works, and I love that you have that compartment! 

I actually looked through your competitors to buy a replacement when my broke and the competition is weak, in comparison. Couldnt really find any bags that was waterproof, had a shoe compartment and computercompartment, and the ones I found all made me a bit sad. So thanks for improving what I find to be the best work/workout bag on the market. And also thanks for the replacement bag!

Thanks again, keep up the great design and comitment!