RUN YOUR LIFE in HiberWorld

IAMRUNBOX and HiberWorld bring you a running challenge in the metaverse. Jump in and see what your digital self is made of, and pick up some treats along the way.

*This is best experienced using chrome on desktop PC
HiberWorld is a web-first, no-code, free-to-use platform that enables everyone to create, play, and participate in the metaverse. Built upon the existing infrastructure of the web, HiberWorld already supports over 4 million interconnected virtual worlds, features a proprietary next generation 3D engine, and is incorporating Web3 technology to support digital ownership and interoperability.
IAMRUNBOX and HiberWorld have teamed up to turn a corner of the metaverse into your next running challenge. Together we designed an immersive experience to give our IAMRUNBOX community a message to engage with. We are offering you the chance to Run Your Life in the metaverse and win some treats along the way. But most importantly we hope you can find the chill out space and take a deep breath. Because we could all do with more of that, right?
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Log in to HiberWorld. Escape the chaos and fumes of environmental disaster and find the Run Club. Once there, find the code to unlock a digital IAMRUNBOX bag for your Ready Player Me avatar.
Log in to HiberWorld. To WIN the physical IAMRUNBOX bag simply place in the top three on the leaderboard. Easy right?? The competition runs between now and Dec 5th.