The circular backpack


Put used, to use

We always aim to produce high quality backpacks – still, even if we do...

...they will not last forever, as any product we use daily. At IAMRUNBOX we strive for sustainability and responsible consumption. That’s why we offer a trade-in service for your backpack. If you are tired of your old one, why not give it a new life instead of having it lying around in your closet? We will do that for you. And for your kind gesture, we will give you a voucher to buy a new IAMRUNBOX backpack on our webshop.

How does it work?

1. Trade your backpack

Trade in your old or damaged bag with the instructions we provide. When we have received your backpack we will give you a voucher to spend on a new IAMRUNBOX backpack.

2. Fix/refurbish

Depending on the damage, we repair or refurbish your old backpack and make it look fresh and new again for you.


Once a year we will re-sell all repaired backpacks at a reasonable price so that they find new owners and get a new life. To stay tuned for IAMRUNBOX’s #RenewWeek, sign up to our newsletter below.

First step

Send us an email

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Fill in form

And Voilà! You are all set.

When we receive your old backpack we send you a voucher to use on our website and you can buy yourself a brand new IAMRUNBOX backpack on a discounted price.

What happens to
your old backpack?

Fix fix fix!

Your backpack gets a...

new life!

Take a stand with us.