Here is an amazing story of IAMRUNBOX brand ambassador Adam Holland of his journey to completing 300 marathons and ultra-marathons.

If you didn't know who I was you probably would have no idea what that means. On 16th October 2005 I took part in my first ever marathon, all because my friend Peter asked if I would like to go along and take part (of course I said yes with the furthest I had done was a half marathon). I remember it being tough and hard work, but it didn't put me off and over a little time I managed to do 6 marathons.

With the help of Peter we came up with the idea of trying to become the youngest to do 100 marathons and attempt to beat Steve Edwards record (he was 28). I did the maths and believed it was possible.

On 10th October 2010 at the Eden Project Marathon I made that dream a reality by completing 100 marathons when I was only 23 years of age. It was absolutely amazing to have friends and family witness my finish of that marathon and complete the 100, we all celebrated together. On the 6th November 2010 I took part in my first track marathon which became my fastest ever time of 2:37:00.

After that I didn't really have a goal in mind and would do a marathon now and again with a couple of ultra events chucked in. I can't remember off the top of my head what happened but I completed 52 mara/ultras, and it certainly helped doing multi day events. It was in that year I did both Windermere and Great Barrow 10 marathons in 10 days (to date I've done 7 10in10).

2015, and again I was looking for bigger challenge and ways to help raise money for charities. With help from Kate who came up with the idea of doing 24 marathons in 17 days in 7 different locations. Within the challenge I completed my 200 mara/ultra and by the time I finished I was already on 219 mara/ultra.

I was over the moon to have won 23 of the 24 marathons and still setting new course records. 4 days after that I attempted to run the JoGLE (John O'Grants to Lands End) an immense test, but sadly after about 200 miles on day 5 I had to pull out due to my ankle being swollen (I have plans for 2018 to have another attempt). Not long after that I would be attempting cycling the same journey. My friend Jason who is also into doing his challenges invited me to join his group (at this time I invited Jon to join us) to cycle the 1000 miles North to South. So it was agreed that from the 2nd to 10th May we would take on this epic journey. My favourite comment was apparently that I ran the whole way on my bike. I prefer to stand up rather than sit in the saddle when riding. We duly completed the JoGLE, an amazing achievement!

Next challenge that year was the EPIC 48 World Record Challenge which was running on a treadmill for 48 hours. Yes I did get off and have a rest/sleep, this challenge could put you off the treadmill for life! but I still want to do more on the treadmill.

Philip and Warren did an amazing job (of course the rest of the team) sorting this challenge out. It was nice to visit Guernsey, if you're interested in knowing how far I ran it was 183.86 miles.

The year was rolling by and the next challenge was in September, where I would run and cycle swapping with Robert the whole way. It was called "Walk for Peace" starting at the Great North Run and we covered about 2000 miles in 25 days. Doing a Parkrun on the Saturday and visiting schools along the way. Somehow I managed to PB in my marathon during this challenge running Chester Marathon in 2:27:28sec.

If you read to this point I had a very busy year in 2015 doing 62 marathon/ultra (114 events in total) but let's get onto 2016 now. It was March 4th 2016 joining Jason and the team again for a bike ride starting in London and finishing in Paris within 24 hours! It is named Arch 2 Arc, crazily the following day we also did Paris half marathon! During the cycle to Paris, on the way to the ferry my mobile started playing up and I lost the team. I somehow managed to make it to the ferry terminal but missed the ferry! I caught the next one first thing in the morning. I have no idea how I managed to make it to Paris on my own. But it was funny trying to ask for directions from some of the older French folk who had no idea what I was saying. After this I carried on doing my events each weekend some standing out more than others. I won the First 12 hour event i took part in and did the Wings For Life which is the only event where the finish passes you. (Look it up) with 33 different locations around the world starting at the same time. My goal was to make the marathon distance for it to become my 250th marathon/ultra which I did on such a hot day 42.86km finishing = 435th out of 86296 in the world!

In May I went back to Windermere to do the single marathon and to help celebrate their 10th year and I have managed to be at 5 of them. In the same month I celebrated my 100th Parkrun.

June, I was invited to be on Notts TV which was an amazing experience, which I would do again.

There are so many different types of events out there now and in July I took part in what was called the "Chained Ultra". Being chained to someone else at the wrist and attempting to try and run 130 miles in 35 hours together. We soon learned how to run with each other and paced ourselves as it's a long way. Sadly no one actually managed to complete it, we were the last team standing making it to the last checkpoint before the finish. We could have carried on but we would have been outside the cut-off time so we felt there wasn't any point of trying. This event was definitely an experience and I was lucky to have a great partner as you were partnered by picking out of the hat half an hour before the event started.

Journey to 300. Part II