Our Brand ambassador Gill Bland shares her reflections on Bostom Marathon.

Boston marathon looms large in the marathon running community. It is the oldest continuous modern marathon and with it’s point-to-point and notoriously undulating course it is one that many aspire to conquer.

Last month I was lucky enough to run the 121st edition of the race. After months of excitement and panicking at the -4c snowy weather conditions only weeks before, I arrived in Boston on the Friday and stepped into the wonderful madness that is Boston on marathon weekend. The whole city was decked in yellow, blue and unicorn logos (the crest of the Boston Athletics Association). With pop-up shops, talks from running royalty and other smaller races taking place in an already sport-friendly city it was a runner’s paradise. After getting the iconic yellow school buses to the start of the race, the national anthem was sung, fighter jets flew over and we were off. 24c and no shade wasn’t ideal conditions and has left me with a little bit of unfinished business to take care of one day but Boston is, as so many races are, about more than the time. 26.2 miles of rolling hills later I turned right onto Hereford and left onto Boylston and took in the roaring crowds and huge gantry as I crossed the finish line to collect my unicorn medal. Wakling back to where we were staying we got cheers and high fives and free roses.

The city loves marathon runners and, well, I quite like that city too. Boston, I’ll be back some day.