A love letter to running

Dear Running,

I’ll be honest, I only started paying you any attention because you seemed low maintenance and less demanding or unattainable than the others. It sounds harsh but I guess I thought you were easy. I liked that I didn’t have to forward plan and I didn’t need to wear fancy clothes or make a special effort.  I could even keep our time together under cover of darkness so no one had to know. I figured I’d probably find a more glamorous alternative once I’d get established in my job and had more cash to throw around.

I didn’t really expect it to turn out this way. I didn’t think that over a decade later we’d still be together and spending more time together than ever. Sometimes I wonder if we’re, well, you know, too intense. Maybe we shouldn’t shut other people out too much. We could try other things. There’s water and snow and wheels out there. It’s a big world. Then I remember what makes us such a great team. We’ve grown together and we’ve grown better because of that single minded commitment. We’ve gone from a relationship with no expectations and no demands on each other to one where we have rewarded each other. With every extra minute we spend together it feels like we find new adventures, and learn new things about ourselves and the world. Who knew there was such depth to you?

You’ve given me some of my most exhilarating and my most peaceful moments of the last decade and I hope I’ve done my best to respect you as we’ve taken on some of the bigger challenges together. You’ve been there for the mundane day-to-day and also for the once in a lifetime moments. I don’t know where the next few years will take us. Relationships always morph and shift shape over the years and I’m sure ours will too. We have to be prepared to adapt and embrace the changes that work and life and age bring, but if you’ll have me then I plan to stick with you and work through it. It might be different but there’ll always be something between us.  


Running, I think I love you.