• Adam Holland
    Adam Holland
    Adam Holland is a 30-year-old running enthusiast from Newark in the UK. A competitive athlete who has completed a whopping 300 marathons and ultra-marathons to date, Adam loves nothing more than pulling on his trainers and running shorts, and participating in as many running events as possible to inspire others and help raise funds for his favourite charities.
  • Yiannis Christodoulou
    Yiannis Christodoulou
    Yiannis Christodoulou is a 33-year-old Market and Information Analyst from Canterbury, England.  Relatively new to the world of running, Yiannis started just 4 years ago when he was inspired by the London 2012 Olympics and decided to join his local running club, the Canterbury Harriers.
    Yiannis Christodoulou is a 33-year-old Market and Information Analyst from Canterbury, England.  Relatively new to the world of running, Yiannis started just 4 years ago when he was inspired by the London 2012 Olympics and decided to join his local running club, the Canterbury Harriers.
  • Owain Williams
    Owain Williams
    Born on the Isle of Tiree, a remote island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland with no public transport, Owain stayed fit and healthy throughout his childhood by running and cycling to wherever he wanted to go.
  • Gill Bland
    Gill Bland
    Gill Bland is a Service Assurance Manager from London. When she isn’t busy with her day job at the BBC, Gill likes to spend her time training hard for her next marathon or running event, baking delicious treats in the kitchen, being part of her local church, and spending time with her husband ‘Mr B’ and their two cats.
  • Darren Davies
    Darren Davies
    Darren Davies is a personal trainer, marathon runner, and keen cyclists from Oxford. Owner of Gladiator Fitness UK, Darren is passionate about equality in sport, and loves nothing more than introducing new training techniques and innovative fitness programs to both children and adults.
  • Simon Le Good
    Simon Le Good
    Simon is a Transport Planner from South-West London. His job involves enabling members of the public to take up more sustainable means of transport such as walking and cycling, and so it is perhaps no surprise that he is an active lifestyle practitioner himself, who run commutes and cycles to work on a regular basis.
  • Raymond Clayton
    Raymond Clayton
    Raymond is a running enthusiast from Welton in Lincolnshire. He first started running in 2013 in a bid to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research in memory of his late mother, when he ran his first every marathon with just 2 weeks of training! From that moment on, Raymond was hooked, and running has become part of daily life since.
  • Joe Casuga
    Joe Casuga
    Originally from the Philippines, now living in Singapore, 38-year old Joe is an Engineering Manager who spends his days leading a team of engineers designing robotic systems and automation equipment.
  • David Hindley
    David Hindley
    Dr David Hindley is a 41-year-old senior lecturer from Nottingham. An academic specialising in the sociology of sport, David considers himself fortunate to be able to combine work with his passion for running, which he discovered just over six years ago, when some work colleagues entered a team into a ‘Grand Prix’ series of local runs and found that they were a member short.
  • Maggie Seymour
    Maggie Seymour
    Maggie is a member of the Marine Corps from San Diego, California. Describing herself as a “social butterfly and bookworm who loves the great outdoors”, she has been a runner for most of her life, and is an active member of her local running communities.
  • Kevin Billington
    Kevin Billington
    Kevin is a Stock Manager from Tring, Hertfordshire. Married with 3 young children and a puppy, Kevin first started running just 12 months ago, when he was invited by his son’s school to take part in the Silverstone 10km Race, along with other parents. While he had never been a runner before, he trained hard in the lead up to the event, did better than expected on race day, and in his own words, he has been “well and truly hooked ever since!”
  • Ed Gotta
    Ed Gotta
    Ed Gotta is a Run Shop Manager and Running Coach from Richmond, Virginia. Ed started running back in 2010 when a co-worker persuaded him to join him in a Tough Mudder event, and while it was tougher than he had originally thought, he admits that it was that October day that he found his calling, and that he would spend the rest of his life testing his personal limits while promoting health and fitness to other members of his community.
  • Mark Boulton
    Mark Boulton
    Mark Boulton is a Banker from London. He first got into running some 7 years ago when he wanted to change his lifestyle, get fit, and adopt a healthier way of life. At around the same time, Mark’s friend entered the London Marathon, and so he decided to start training with him by running home from work each day, and he has continued to do so ever since!
  • Edmondo D’Alessandro
    Edmondo D’Alessandro
    Edmondo is a Sales Agent from Pescara, a beautiful Italian city on the Adriatic coast. A running, cycling and swimming enthusiast, Edmondo has participated in sports for most of his life, first starting out with football before moving to triathlons, which is now his greatest passion.
  • Lua Stifani and Zara Jaffrey
    Lua Stifani and Zara Jaffrey
    Lua is a Teaching Assistant and Zara is a Secondary Drama Teacher from Hammersmith in London. Zara met Lua while training for the Paris Marathon, and the two have been inseparable ever since.
  •  Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry is a Support Worker and Team Leader from County Durham. He started running some 5 years ago when, after pulling a few muscles in his back, and he now runs competitively, with his first marathon done in October 2016.
  •  Steven Roberts
    Steven Roberts
    Steven is a 36-year-old Credit Controller from County Durham. An ultra-marathon runner in the making, he has just embarked on a five-year plan that has seen him change his exercise routine, his diet, and his everyday lifestyle in a bid to become fitter, healthier, and create the perfect work / life balance.
  • Tom Martin
    Tom Martin
    Tom Martin is a fitness enthusiast from Leicester in the UK. He first got into running 6 years ago when he signed up for a 6 Mile Sport Relief challenge just two weeks before the event was due to take place, and after coming in 3rd place, he admits that he was hooked!
  • Glenn Watkins
    Glenn Watkins
    Glenn Watkins is a Trade Manager from Suffolk in the United Kingdom, who now lives in the vibrant city of Gothenburg in Sweden. Passionate about running and cycling, Glenn was introduced to competitive racing by his dad, who was a long distance cross country runner for the British Army.
  • Michael D’Aulerio
    Michael D’Aulerio
    A man of many talents, Michal D’Aulerio from Philadelphia, is a proud dad, caring husband, sales professional, a brand ambassador athlete, and an Ultra Marathon runner who has completed over 50 ultras’ in just a few years.
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