With IAMRUNBOX© you can include sport into your daily routine or trip overseas. Designed to hold your trousers or skirt, shirt and accessories firmly in place as you hit the street; this modern clothing carrier will slot right in to your daily life.

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    Exercise is a lifestyle choice, and with IAMRUNBOX© you can include sport into your daily routine or trip overseas. Designed to hold your trousers or skirt, shirt and accessories firmly in place as you hit the street; this modern clothing carrier will slot right in to your daily life.


    A lightweight alternative to the traditional suit carrier, IAMRUNBOX© will fit into any suitcase or briefcase, so you can travel in comfort and style. A unique travel accessory, it is perfect for businessmen and professional women.


    Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, the IAMRUNBOX© Shirt & Garment Carrier will keep your clothes crease-free and freshly pressed, so you will always look your best when you arrive.


“This quite simple product, this simple addition to a running bag has a marked impact on the experience of running with a bag. It makes it exponentially better”

Simon Cook, PhD Researcher in run-commuting, London University, UK

“If looking sharp is your top priority, then this might just be for you - but be prepared to feel the wrath of more hardened triathletes if they even find out you can’t “keep calm” through fear of creasing your shirt!”  

220 Triathlon Magazine, UK

“The shirt and garment carrier is so light, it’s perfect for runners or cyclists – or the overnight traveller. No bigger than a typical portfolio or laptop sleeve, it fits easily into a backpack.”

SKY SPORT The Magazine, New Zealand

“The new IAMRUNBOX was developed as an efficient, comfortable and cleverly designed Garment Carrier for those who wish to run or cycle to work whilst being able to easily carry their suit, wrinkle-free.”  

The CITY Magazine, London, UK

“Unbelievable. I pack my neatly folded clothes, when I open the box they are exactly the same position as when I packed them. Great purchase, I wish I had found this years ago, no more wet or creased clothes.

Darryll, bike-commuter and shop owner in London

Leave your house in your gym gear, do your workout and then pop on your pants and shirt knowing that they have been kept neat. Handy for people that workout before work or after so your clothes don't get messed up!  

@Affirmationfitnes, Instagram

 “Amazing!! I have been looking for exactly this type of product.”

David Barnes @dmbarnes1, Twitter

“Nothing worse than getting to a hotel or apartment finding there isn't an iron. Solution: this magical box.”

Blair, frequent business traveler

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  • Afterwork

    The IAMRUNBOX® Shirt & Garment Carrier is ideal for active city life professionals.  Small enough to fit in any larger bag or backpack, yet large enough to hold a couple of clean shirts, a pair of trousers, and accessories such as ties and cufflinks, this innovative new accessory keeps your clothes clean and wrinkle free, so you can enjoy your afterwork life in style.

  • Travelling

    Perfect for short business trips, the IAMRUNBOX© Travel Garment Carrier is large enough to hold a dress or two freshly pressed shirts, and a couple of ties, yet small enough to fit in a large briefcase or mid size backpack.


  • Owain Williams
    Owain Williams, Scotland

    Born on the Isle of Tiree, a remote island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland with no public transport, Owain stayed fit and healthy throughout his childhood by running and cycling to wherever he wanted to go. But when the time came for him to transfer to Napier University in Edinburgh to further his studies, his passion for outdoor activities was replaced with beer and in his own words, “one too many take-away meals”, which began to take their toll on his waistline and fitness levels...


Our story

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    Inspired by a love of travel and a passion for running, IAMRUNBOX© was established in Sweden in 2014. Founded by Kirill Noskov, an entrepreneur with a passion for running, travel, and an active lifestyle, IAMRUNBOX© was designed to fill a gap in the market for premium quality sports accessories that make our lives that little bit easier. As a run commuter himself, Kirill found it almost impossible to pack his business attire into his backpack without getting his shirts wrinkled and trousers creased, and after speaking to other members of his local run-commuting community, he soon realised that he was not alone. 

  • 2

    It was then that he decided to create a sports and travel garment carrier specifically for those who want to incorporate exercise into their daily schedule, and thus, the concept of IAMRUNBOX© was born.At IAMRUNBOX, we understand the pressures that many working professionals face, and that sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to work, train, and maintain an active lifestyle.

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    We live in a fast paced world, and as such, many of us find ourselves commuting to work on public transport, sitting at a computer all day, and returning home in the evening with little or no time to train or workout, but this can lead to a circle of bad habits and an inactive lifestyle that can leave us looking and feeling anything but our best. The beauty of IAMRUNBOX© is that all products are designed, developed and tested by run commuters, for run commuters and active travellers. Inspired by the smooth clean lines of Scandinavian design and made from revolutionary materials that look as good as they perform, the products within this range allow you to incorporate sports and fitness into your daily schedule, without compromising on business time, family time, or you time. Staying active is a lifestyle choice, and with IAMRUNBOX© that choice just got a little simpler!