Garment Bag Small

Lightweight - Fits 2-3 garments - Fits into any mid-size bag

€ 39.95 EUR

The Lightweight Garment Bag

Key Features

The Garment Bag Small fits up to 3 garments and smaller accessories. Only weighing 425 grams, the hard-shell garment bag is a lightweight luggage that can be used in combination with any mid-size bag to keep your shirts wrinkle free while traveling or commuting. The water resistant garment bag is available with black or orange zippers and includes a a Clothes Folder. to make folding and packing easier.

Garment Bag Large vs. Garment Bag Small

The main difference between Garment Bag Small and Garment Bag Large is the capacity. Whereas the smaller version has 5 litres of volume, the large version provides 8 litres of space. Furthermore, the Garment Bag Small does not include the Laundry Bag but both versions come with the Clothes Folder.


The Garment Bag Small is made of 100% Polyester and EVA and comes with robust YKK zippers. The high-quality material composition makes the garment bag water resistant and durable.

How to pack neatly

Packing has never been easier! The included the Clothes Folder, shows you the right way to fold your clothes. As soon as your clothes are neatly folded, pack them in the clothes compartment of the Garment Bag Small. There might be some extra space to pack accessories as well. Close the hard-shell case and store the garment bag in any mid-size bag you are using for your travel or commute. Done!

Wrinkle free from A-B

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Perfect bag to use with a backpack or a carry-on bag, keeping my shirts and dresses in place and wrinkle free, making traveling easier.

- Sandra Martins