Origami Organizer Large

Hard-shell - Packing organizer - Water resistant

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I will be travelling Europe by train with a large duffle bag on wheels. These garment organizers will keep my dresses and blouses protected from being crushed & wrinkle free!
I will be getting some for my husband too.
Very happy with my purchase!

Best way to pack your things

Origami has been for ages the best way to pack and save space. In my case you can see that I'm traveling with a lot of things, it's a 5 day trip between Prague and Helsinki and I managed to carry everything that I need. The photo is missing my second par of shoes. I highly recommend this, if you are worried about carrying your working clothes and avoid wrinkles. Thanks guys for this amazing add-on to my backpack!

It works

Just returned from 9 days international travel combining work and leisure. Origami Organizer kept my important garments protected and as I packed them. A great compliment to my usual soft packing cubes which still have a place for unimportant gear.

Wrinkle free from A to B

The Origami Organizer
Keeps your shirts wrinkle free on the go.

The robust and water resistant hard-shell case keeps your clothes in shape and protects your belonging. Beside pockets for clothes, business papers, chargers and other stuff, the Origami Organizer comes with an extra compartment for laptops up to 15’’.

Additional features:

- Interior pockets
- YKK zippers
- High capacity
- Extremely durable
- Great for business papers.
- Included Clothes Folder.

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Introducing the Origami Organizer

Revolutionize your way of going from A to B

To begin with, folding your clothes neatly is as easy as never before with the included Clothes Folders. Afterwards, you put your clothes in a hard-shell case that really protects your belongings. It doesn’t matter what you are carrying - it works for shirts, trousers, laptop, business papers, chargers, socks or any stuff you can think of.

Having everything ready, put it in your backpack, your carry-on or any other mid-size bag. Finally, a way to keep your clothes wrinkle free when traveling with a backpack! Now you are perfectly ready to travel like never before!

Folds and protects

The included Clothes Folder provides you with a simple guideline on how to fold your clothes in the best way possible. As soon as your business attire is neatly folded, you can pack everything in the garment bag. The small Origami Organizer fits 2-3, the large 4-5 garments, depending on your size and type of clothes.

See our folding video here.

What did we improve?

For three years our garment carrier has been tested and loved by active people all over the world. It was time to give it a little upgrade and this is what we added:

New look
An even more stylish and sleek version of the original Garment Bag.

Laptop compartment
Fits a 15" laptop, papers or anything you need to keep protected.

Interior pockets
We added more pockets for even more organization. Now you can keep your socks and small things separated from your clothes.

Comes in two sizes

The main difference between "Small" and "Large" is the packing capacity. The small Origami Organizer fits 2-3 garments, whereas the large version provides enough space for 4-5. Please find the different measurements below.

Small: 40 mm
Large: 85 mm

Small: 515g
Large: 550g