Garment Bag Large

Protective hard-shell - Fits 3-4 garments - Wrinkle free shirts

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Smart and very useful!

I was sceptical at first, but this really works. It has changed the way I commute - I can now easily run to/from work and carry my work outfits wrinkle free! It’s also very useful for those travelling on business who want wrinkle free shirts and suits. I would definitely recommend.

The Must-Have Travel Accessory

Key Features

The hard-shell garment bag is water resistant and provides enough space to keep up to 4 garments and some small accessories in place. It fits into any mid-size bag and with only 475 grams it won’t weigh you down on your commute or while traveling. The garment bag comes with a Clothes Folder. and a Laundry Bag which makes it the perfect travel accessory to ensure a neat arrival.

Garment Bag Large vs. Garment Bag Small

In comparison to the Garment Bag Small (5L), , the large version provides three extra litres of volume and enough space for up to 4 garments. Both garment bags include the Clothes Folder, but the Laundry Bag is only included in the large version.


The Garment Bag Large is made of 100% Polyester and EVA. The YKK zip as well as the EVA body is water resistant. We attach great importance to the use of high-quality materials in all our product.

How to pack neatly

Follow the plain instructions on the Clothes Folder, to ensure that your clothes are folded correctly. Put your neatly folded clothes into the garment bag and make sure your belongings will not move around. The interior mesh pocket provides extra space for accessories or underwear. Close the hard-shell case to protect your belongings and keep your shirts wrinkle free. Put it into any mid-size bag and your are good to go.

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Perfect for a carry-on hand luggage travel bag, it can hold items such as a tablet, or an extra shirt and you don’t have to worry about creases.

- Tom Martin

It's great! Lightweight and perfect for travelling and fits perfectly inside my luggage. I always use the Garment Carrier to keep my clothes crease-free. - Owain Williams

I always have both sportsclothes and casual clothes with me to work. It allows me to have all items with me, without making my clothes wrinkled. - Rob Haans

Using the garment bag has changed the way I travel. I don't need to borrow hotel irons anymore. I arrive with my shirts crease-free.
- Steinn Steingrimsson

I appreciate how easy it is! I use the included Clothes Folder to fold my shirts and the hard-shell case keeps them wrinkle free and protected.
- Dominik Hildner