Shoe Bag

Ventilated for breathability - Lightweight

€ 19.95 EUR

The Breathable Shoe Bag

Technical Features

The IAMRUNBOX Shoe Bag fits shoes up to size 46 (EU) / 13 (US) and is ventilated for breathability. The lightweight Shoe Bag can be used separately or in combination with the Backpack Pro by attaching it to its outside with the help of the removable string attachment system.


The Shoe Bag is made from 100% Polyester. Due to breathability it is not waterproof.

How to use it

Shoes are usually dirty, especially while traveling or commuting. Therefore, it is a good advice to keep them separated from the rest of your luggage. Use an extra shoe bag to keep your stuff, especially your clothes, clean and neat. To avoid bad odour, the shoe bag needs to be breathable. The IAMRUNBOX Shoe Bag is using small air holes to ensure sufficient ventilation. Through attaching it to the outside of the Backpack Pro neither dirt nor stench will ruin your clothes.

Keep your luggage clean