Backpack Lite

$ 119.95 EUR

The Lightweight Running Backpack

Technical Features

Whether you are running or cycling to work, the Backpack Lite is the right companion for you. The water resistant running backpack has enough space to pack up to 3 garments and some smaller accessories. The padded back panel and adjustable waist and sternum straps ensure an ergonomic fit. The Backpack Lite only weighs 875 grams and comes with a a Clothes Folder

Backpack Lite vs. Backpack Pro

In comparison to the Backpack Pro (10L and 5 garments), the Backpack Lite comes with 8L of volume and enough space to fit up to 3 garments. The Lite version does not have extra straps for your laptop or an external string attachment system. Read more about the difference here.


The outside of the running backpack is made from black nylon fabric with PU coating. In the inside you will find mesh black velvet fabric. The Backpack Lite is equipped with water resistant YKK zips and EVA body. We only use high-quality materials for all our products.

How you can use it

The Backpack Lite is the perfect backpack for running or cycling to work. It will not weigh you down but still provides enough space to carry all your daily essentials with you. This backpack is also great for a shirt business trip or travel.

Simply use the included Clothes Folder to fold your shirts in the right way and the hard-shell backpack will protect your belongings on the go.

Perfect for running and cycling

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Customer Review

Real reviews

The Backpack Lite is fantastic! I often use it as a bike travel bag when I am not running and it is the perfect for rainy Sweden!

- Glenn Watkins