The definition of Code of Conduct reads as follows: “A set of rules to guide behaviour and decisions in a specified situation”.

Our company is subject to certain rules and regulations implemented by us and monitored by second and third party organisations, CSR commitments and company values. Find out what it means below:


CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and aims to contribute to societal goals that go beyond regulatory requirements and financial interests of the firm. The business ethics at IAMRUNBOX emphasize social responsibility and therefore it is integrated into our business model and team spirit. Everything we do must coherently align with ethically-oriented practices.


We believe in the climate movement. The world is changing and sooner or later we have to transform too. New habits, new routines, new ways of eating, working, socializing and traveling.

At IAMRUNBOX we made the shift already and we see challenges as something that only makes us better and stronger as a brand. We aim to lead this movement by creating a global community that is continuously supporting those who choose to start running towards a healthier and more sustainable future. We want to be the revolution! The resolution! The solution! We want to inspire more people to choose long term goals. No quick fixes, pseudo-scientific diets, instant abs or pills.

We want to be the revolution! The resolution! The solution! We want to inspire more people to choose long term goals. No quick fixes, pseudo-scientific diets, instant abs or pills. The benefits of an IAMRUNBOX lifestyle are many. We believe that real progress is made by choosing more natural ways of moving from A to B, like humans are designed to do. We provide products that make active traveling easy and efficient.

Sustainability is key. As a Climate Neutral Certified brand we do our utmost to produce without impacting the climate. Our products are made from eco-friendly and recycled materials, made for running and made with an active lifestyle in mind, where you skip the car and use the body that was given to you.

We respect the environment and are determined to manage, reduce and report the impact on the ecosystem of both our organization and our supplier chains.


We lead through humanity. Diversity, equity, and inclusion go hand-in-hand and by building awareness in our team we inspire feelings of trust, connectedness, and loyalty. We want people to feel heard. Inclusion plays the key role now and in the future.

So how do we define diversity when all human beings are unique and different from one another? We measure differences in gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion, ability and identity.

We respect and appreciate this incredible variety and encourage, review, question, and analyze important conversations and assumptions around this topic.

- We strive for cultural humility by embracing other people’s experiences.

- We address social injustice and racial bias by acknowledging other people’s realities.

- We stay culturally competent by keeping track of multicultural, religious or holiday celebrations.

- We encourage people to locate unconscious biases within - associations or feelings of dislike that may be hidden underneath the surface. And we do our best to inspire change by sparking feelings of curiosity, respect, humanity and humility.


There are lots of small things humans can do to take care of our planet. One unconventional favorite at IAMRUNBOX is sharing stories and experiences. Passivity or negativity often comes from a place of ignorance, so when we empower more people to share personal stories it will shine a light on the benefits and beauty of a sustainable lifestyle and that in return help us to drive change.

Humanity is at a turning point and it truly is up to all of us to use our collective intelligence for good, for the sake of the planet and ultimately ourselves.